Great Nonprofits in Raleigh, NC to Help Out

Great Nonprofits in Raleigh, NC to Help Out

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According to a study by Statistica, over 64 million Americans participate in volunteer work each year. That’s a lot of giving back! The best part? You can get involved, too. If you’re looking to work with volunteer organizations in Raleigh, NC, we’ve got you covered. We’ve highlighted some amazing nonprofits in the area focussing on everything from education to fighting homelessness. Also, be sure to check out our post on other amazing things to dive into in Raleigh.

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Nonprofits organizations in Raleigh, NC

Thankfully, there are a lot of great nonprofits in Raleigh seeking volunteers. Follow your passions to working with just one organization, or many.

Educate Tomorrow’s Parents

This nonprofit organization in Raleigh aims to improve children’s well-being by preparing youth for parenting. In addition, they are dedicated to reducing teen pregnancy, improving health awareness, and increasing fatherhood involvement.

Students sitting in a classroom taking notes with one student standing with her folder in Raleigh, NC.

Kimberly’s Touch

This nonprofit in Raleigh centers around providing emotional and financial care for those battling cancer. In addition, their goal is to create a future where all cancer patients have adequate access to healthcare regardless of their backgrounds.

Hands holding a pink cancer ribbon in front of a pink background.

Jobs for Life

This faith-based nonprofit org in Raleigh aims to reduce unemployment in the area by providing job training. In addition, the organization provides classes and skills training to those seeking fulfilling jobs that fit their unique talents.

A job training meeting with people taking notes while a presenter places sticky-notes at the front of the room

Family Promise of Wake County

This nonprofit organization in Raleigh, NC is devoted to helping families. They focus on assisting those experiencing homelessness find sustainable, permanent housing. Also, their greater goal is to end homelessness in Wake County.

A mother lifting up her child over her head.

Puzzles with Purpose

This nonprofit in Raleigh, NC is dedicated to using puzzles to help improve the mental, social, and emotional well-being of all. In addition, they use puzzles to uplift others and bring people together.

Colorful puzzle pieces

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Camp Corral

This charity is dedicated to helping children whose parents were lost or wounded in the military. They connect with children through enrichment programs and hosting summer camps and other fun activities.

Kids playing tug of war at summer camp

Ten Eighteen Uganda

Ten Eighteen Uganda is a nonprofit based in Raleigh, NC that aims to “effect a cultural shift in Uganda’s poorest communities to lift the youth and families out of a lifestyle of poverty and disease.” This is the nonprofit UniMovers Raleigh partners with for the annual donation!

A little girl holding a baby for the Ten Eighteen Uganda nonprofit in Raleigh. NC.
Courtesy of 1018 Uganda.

Common nonprofit jobs in Raleigh

If you’re hoping to turn your passion for working with nonprofits into a career, that’s also a possibility. There are several job opportunities in the world of nonprofits.


Do you have a knack for graphic design? Are you good with social media? If so, then communications may be for you. Often, these positions allow workers to have hands-on interactions with the community. Also, they support the nonprofit through in-person and virtual events and pages. Help a nonprofit share its passion with the world.

Development and fundraising

Are you interested in finance? Passionate about helping others grow? If so, then a job in fundraising may be for you. Often, these positions help support the organization financially by maintaining and growing sources of income. Help plan fundraisers and create financial plans.

Programs coordinator

Do you like designing and planning opportunities for community involvement? Prefer being hands-on? If so, then program coordinating may be for you. Often, these positions create workshops, certificate programs, and classes to help support the nonprofit.

Senior management

Have you worked at a nonprofit before? Are you good at delegating tasks? If so, then working in senior management at a nonprofit may be for you. Help an organization realize its dream by making sure all parts of the nonprofit are running smoothly and are coordinating with each other.

How to donate to these nonprofits

Feel inspired to get involved? If you’re in Raleigh, NC, and interested in working with any of these nonprofits, we’ve got you covered.

How to help other nonprofits

Wondering how to get involved with nonprofits in general? Here are some ways to show your support.

  • Firstly, contact the nonprofit
  • Secondly, ask to volunteer at upcoming events
  • Share their social media posts
  • Help create flyers for their events
  • Also, encourage your friends and family to volunteer with you
  • In addition, collect needed supplies
  • Fundraise in your neighborhood

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