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Couple giving each other a high-five after packing boxes for their move

Why Should I Hire Movers? Everything You Need To Consider

Updated 1/23/23 Moving can often be stressful. It can be expensive, too. You might wonder if movers are worth it due to their costly service. You may decide to move yourself is cheaper and easier, but cheaper doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your move. Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Movers Deciding to move yourself …

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A customer paying movers cash after a move.

The Best Time To Pay Your Movers To Avoid Scams

Moving is a busy and stressful time for many people. When moving, there can be many variables in both your move and the moving services available. Companies can have very different policies on payment. This can create confusion over when it is usually expected to pay your movers. Sometimes, untrustworthy companies can take advantage of this confusion in order to cheat their customers. if you are planning a move, it pays to do your research beforehand. Here, we tell you when you should pay your movers, and let you know how to prevent getting scammed.