Farming landscape in Iowa.

10 Reasons to Move to Iowa from an Expensive State

Moving to Iowa has a lot of benefits, especially if you are moving from an expensive state like California, New York, or Hawaii. When it comes to finances, the environment, population, work, and more, Iowa often proves to be better than the more expensive alternatives. Here are the top reasons why you should move to …

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A picturesque image of the Iowa River running through The University of Iowa's illuminated campus.

Senior Citizens: Outstanding Places to Retire in Iowa

Iowa–known for its Midwestern hospitality, bicycling events, and neverending cornfields–happens to be a wonderful place for senior citizens to live. Scattered throughout the state, there are numerous perfect options with varied population numbers, activities, senior communities, and transportation options. Here are the top five best places to live in Iowa for senior citizens!

White legal binders with eviction files

Everything You Need to Know About Evictions

There are a lot of things in the world today that are pulling our attention in different directions. For many, one of these things is their living situation. Significant changes occurred after the pandemic that in many cases are here to stay. Particularly around eviction laws, eviction moratoriums, and practices. We’ve created this eviction guide …

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