What In The World Is In-Home Moving?

What In The World Is In-Home Moving?

movers moving a couch down stairs as a part of their in-home moving services

In-home moving? Does that mean there’s a thing such as out-home moving? Why do those kinds of moves and movers matter? What kind of in-home moving services can they do for you? Well, I’ll answer all those questions and many more you might have. You might even be surprised like I was.

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What even is in-home moving?

Shouldn’t you want your move to be out-moving instead of in? I mean, that’s why people move, right?

In-home moving services are simply a service to help you move large items throughout your home, whether that be up and down the stairs or from one room to another. These services can also help you take care of transferring new furniture or those large appliances, such as stoves or refrigerators, into your kitchen. You might have already done this type of moving by yourself or called some friends over to help.

Though limited to rearranging, in-home moving does excellent work if you’re thinking about turning that guest bedroom into the new master’s. Need to make a room into a makeshift office quickly? Thinking about painting the living room wall, but that darn entertainment center refused to budge? Does that antique dresser need a new home downstairs? Don’t worry; those terrifying creeks and shifts won’t scare your movers. Whether it’s floor to floor or room to room! Hiring professional in-home movers will ensure everything stays intact and handled with care. Also, many companies offer moving insurance so you can easily make a claim if anything breaks. You may also want to consider looking into home warranties. These in-home moving services are perfect for moving old furniture or the couch that weighs a ton to any room in the house. Nevertheless, they are a great way to have your home feel new again.

Why do you need in-home movers?

There is no shame in not wanting to move frustrating furniture by yourself. I mean, they do seem heavier when you try to lift them. But, if you’re not sure movers are for you, be sure to check out our guide on how to move heavy furniture on your own.

Moving stuff around the house can be pretty troublesome for a few common groups including those with physical disabilities, the elderly, or a person who doesn’t have as much help. No one wants to make a trip to the hospital or find materials to fix something that broke. However, the best part about in-home moving is that you don’t have to look hard to find the right movers for you!

Who can help you with your in-home move?

Believe it or not, most moving companies offer these kinds of services. For example, Two Men and a Truck are known for their long-distance movers, but they also offer in-home moving services and a free quote! There also could be local movers in your area that might be cheaper! It is also good to note that if you recently bought one of those large appliances from Home Depot or Lowe’s, they will offer their installation services for an extra charge. This way you won’t lose a chunk of your cabinets to your new appliance.

Here at UniMovers, we offer our in-home services separate from other moving services but we will also make sure everything gets placed where you want it on a regular move! So, if that couch looks better downstairs, we got you covered! I know moving it yourself is the most affordable. However, those moves can become complicated fast, and professionals should handle them. So, don’t be afraid to give any of them a call and see which company is perfect for you!

Now, do you have that moving fever?

So, knowing what in-home moving is, I have one question for you. Are you still looking at your room the same way? Maybe that room across from yours would look better as the masters. Does that table look better upstairs? Don’t worry; these types of rearrangements are a lifestyle, not a phase. If you are still on the fence about which moving company is right for you, check out Hiring A Moving Company: What Movers Are Right For You? on our superb UniMovers blog!

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