College Movers

Now Uni Movers (as in University Movers)!

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When we told our friends and family that we were going to be changing our beloved name from College Movers to UniMovers, it turned a lot of heads.

“Union Movers?”
“You and I Movers?”
“You need Movers?”
“No!” we’d say, “UniMovers, as in university students moving our community!”

We know it’s a little unorthodox to change your name as a growing business. Especially because we had locations repping the College Movers name in North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Iowa for a handful of years. But, we truly thought we needed a change, and the sooner the better.

What's Changed?

  • A portion of our revenue is donated annually to a local non-profit
  • Increased focus on uplifting our community through volunteer work
  • Started our Local Business Network to promote collaboration among local businesses

What Hasn't?

  • Continued commitment to our local college and university students
  • All movers are current students or recent graduates working to become more than just a mover
  • Our fight to diminish the burden student debt puts on young adults through our Working Student Scholarship

Why Change From College Movers to UniMovers?

The main reason we wanted to change names was because we wanted our name to encompass everything we believe in. We transitioned to supporting local businesses and became entrenched in the community, all while continually supporting college and university students. So, we needed a name that reflected every part of our new vision.

Community Ties

We’re always working to become a bigger part of the community. Every location is locally owned by a community leader and we push for community involvement from our employees and give a portion of our revenue back to a local non-profit. As our business grows, so will our community impact!