5 Best Housing Options for University of Iowa Seniors

5 Best Housing Options for University of Iowa Seniors

Exterior of an apartment complex in Iowa City, IA

Calling all Seniors! Finding a place to live for your last year at the University of Iowa is a big deal. Good thing there are more than enough apartments in Iowa City that will be perfect for you. Here is your one-stop shop to find what you’re looking for! We’ll cover all the essentials that can be found in the Iowa City area. You’ll want to consider many things like a preference for a house or an apartment, if you have transportation, and the location of your classes. These factors will all determine what goes into your University of Iowa student house-hunting search. Here are your top 5 places for seniors to live in Iowa City!

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602 and 620 S. Dubuque St.

Starting off strong with number one- a favorite University of Iowa Apartment is 602 and 620 S. Dubuque Street. This apartment features spacious layouts, high ceilings, and indoor or outdoor parking. This is about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the downtown area and campus buildings. If you’re not a walker, no worries! The free city bus route is about a block away from your front door! 602 and 620 offer 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for you and your friends to enjoy. These apartments don’t come furnished but you can make the space your own and give it a feeling of home.  

Washington Plaza Apartments

Here’s what you need to know about Washington Plaza Apartments! We’re staying near campus with the second Iowa student apartment complex on our list. These apartments are located on Washington Street right behind the Chauncy Hotel. They are only about 2 blocks from downtown, full of large windows, updated fixtures and appliances, and a sleek style. Washington Plaza has 3-bedroom apartments with several different layouts to choose from. It is exceptionally close to campus for an affordable price compared to other University of Iowa apartments. It’s also right upstairs from the Iowa City Farmers Market for something fun to do on Saturday mornings! 

Hawks Ridge Apartments

For number three, let’s take a look at Hawks Ridge. Hawks Ridge is right off Highway 1. This is the furthest option from campus on the list but the rustic log cabin-style complex offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments that come fully furnished. This complex is a perfect option for University of Iowa students looking for housing who don’t want to buy furniture or are preparing to move out of Iowa after graduation. The apartments at Hawks Ridge have an open-concept layout, a 24-hour basketball court, a game room, technology center, and they’re also pet-friendly! The location is about an 8-mile drive from campus, so it’s perfect for drivers and bikers. They also have a free shuttle for residents that gives rides to and from campus for easy convenience.  

The Banks Apartments

Heading out of town into Coralville, you’ll find The Banks. The Banks is similar to Hawks Ridge; it’s further out of Iowa City but it offers amenities that make your stay in Iowa City like paradise. These apartments feature a resort-style pool and hot tub, a 24-hour gym, outdoor basketball courts, and a game room. They’re also one of the few University of Iowa apartments that allows pets! The Banks apartments are around a 15-minute drive from Downtown Iowa City, but they offer a free shuttle as well for student use. The Banks has 1 to 4 bedroom styles in many different layouts for you to choose from. It sits next to the Iowa River Landing and shopping center, so there’s plenty to do if you want to stay close to home! 

Rent a House!

If you have a larger group, are interested in more space, or are suddenly becoming a homebody your senior year, a house is the way to go. Now houses are a bit trickier to find than apartments, but thankfully Iowa City is full of renovated houses that have been catered to student needs. Finally, Number 5, South Johnson St., South Dodge St., and Governer St. are a few roads in Iowa City that are lined with rental properties that could be great options for University of Iowa seniors looking for housing. These choices aren’t too far from campus but give you just the right amount of space to be out of the downtown scene. If you’re worried about transportation, the bus is always close by and some of these properties offer yards and garage space that you can’t find with an apartment.  


We’re here to make your life easier and give you the best tips we can find from fellow Iowa seniors. It’s a lot of information, but it’s beneficial to know what you’re getting into when you’re signing a lease. If you want the best experience possible for your last year, take a look at our guide to living in Iowa City for a helping hand. Finding a reliable, comfortable, affordable place is crucial in doing so. The right housing isn’t just about having a place to live. It’s about setting the chance for unforgettable senior year memories. As you consider your housing options, take a closer look at these five best places for seniors in Iowa City.  

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