Move Estimate Calculator

Our Move Estimate Calculator does not include your travel fee. If you are within the city we operate your travel fee is generally free.

How Your Move Is Estimated

Time Estimation

Your move estimate starts with the size of the moving truck you provided. Below are common truck sizes and approximately how long it takes two movers to fully load the space.

10 ft: 30 minutes | ½ hour
14 ft: 60 minutes |1 hour
17 ft: 90 minutes | 1 ½ hour
24 ft: 240 minutes |2 hours
26 ft: 270 minutes |2 ½ hours

It’s important to keep in mind that every move is different and may incur variations in the duration. We cover this in depth in the “Room For Error” section.

What We Account For

Your move estimate begins with the choice of moving truck size and its corresponding loading time. Here are the truck sizes and their estimated loading times for two movers:

10 ft: 30 minutes
14 ft: 60 minutes
17 ft: 90 minutes
24 ft: 240 minutes
26 ft: 270 minutes

Keep in mind that each move is unique, and this variability is discussed in the ‘Room For Error’ section. For each flight of stairs above or below ground level (excluding elevator use) and for each additional floor, we add 20% to the base time estimate. If the truck is within 50 ft from the door, it generally does not impact loading or unloading time. However, if the distance exceeds 50 ft, we add 20% to the base time and an additional 20% for every additional 50 ft.

Using an elevator (recommended for residences with multiple floors above or below ground level or narrow/awkward staircases) adds an extra 30% to the base time. We allocate five minutes for assembling each piece of furniture and an additional 0.75 minutes for non-boxed, open-boxed, or poorly packaged items.

After considering these factors, we arrive at our pre-adjusted move time. To adjust for services and truck fullness, we multiply this subtotal by the appropriate fraction (0.75 for unloading, 1 for loading, and 1.75 for both).

Accounting for the number of movers and the time between locations, we subtract a certain percentage from the total move time for each additional mover over two:

Two movers: 0%
Three movers: 20%
Four movers: 40%
Five movers: 55%
Six movers: 65%
Seven movers: 70%
Eight movers: 75%

This estimator provides a reliable estimate of the move duration, but there are factors that introduce room for error. It does not consider the impact of exhaustion, which can significantly extend the duration of a move, especially if two movers are working a 12-hour shift. To mitigate this, we recommend having at least one mover per bedroom. For longer moves, providing your movers with cold water, food, or snacks can boost efficiency and is greatly appreciated.