Moving to iowa with uniMovers

Iowa? I thought you said Ohio.

Did you think all Iowa had to offer was cows and corn? Or were you just not sure where Iowa even is on the map? It’s time to change that!

UniMovers is lucky to call Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and the greater Eastern Iowa region home.

Home of what though? None other than great people, home grown roots, and the great outdoors.

We’re confident that you’ll find plenty of reasons to call this great state home too!

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Moving To iowa

When you move to Iowa, you get the opportunity to be a part of the “American Heartland”. Iowa, also known as the Hawkeye State, is one of the safest states to live in. Some eminent individuals from Iowa include Elijah Wood, Buffalo Bill, Grant Wood, Ashton Kutcher, Marvin Cone, William Frawley, and Ann Landers.

Landscape & Weather

Iowa is nestled between the Mississippi River in the east and the Missouri River in the west. Iowa’s landscape comprises of lakes, rolling hills, a few woodlands and wetlands, and LOTS of corn and soybean fields. Its outskirts close to the Mississippi River to highlight steep slopes and valleys making a beautiful terrain. The state has a humid continental climate, with four distinct seasons. You can expect hot, humid summers and cold, frigid winters with comfortable spring and fall weather in between.

Trees and corn field in Iowa

Big Cities in Iowa

Iowa has a few urban centers, with its capital, Des Moines, being the biggest city situated in Central Iowa. Iowa is home to the first presidential caucus during the election cycle. As a result, numerous political candidates set their campaign headquarters in Des Moines.

Other notable urban centers include Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, and Cedar Falls/Waterloo. Cedar Rapids, the second largest city in Iowa, is home to Quaker Oats and Rockwell Collins. Just 30 miles south, you can find the University of Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City. The Iowa State Cyclones can be found in Ames. Iowan’s take college football very seriously, so you should know that an Iowan is either a Cyclone or a Hawkeye.

Cedar Falls and Waterloo are two big cities (by Iowa standards) hosting John Deere and the University of Northern Iowa. Also notable are Davenport and Bettendorf, which are both part of the Quad Cities. Dubuque can be found in the northeastern corner of Iowa bordering Wisconsin on the Mississippi River.

Eastern Iowa

Trees surrounded by green grass field during daytime in Iowa

The Eastern Iowa area has numerous noteworthy locale. For example, the Old Capital Building in Iowa City. Also, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art has assortments of artistic creations by Grant Wood and Marvin Cone. The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site and Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum can be visited in West Branch as well.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the scenery in Maquoketa State Park, Backbone State Park, and along the Cedar River or Mississippi River.

Western Iowa

Western Iowa has exceptional landscape, for example, Loess Hills and the Iowa Great Lakes (also known as Okoboji). Sioux City is situated in this district of Iowa off of the Missouri River. Sioux City, located at the navigational head of the Missouri River, is brimming with history and has an assortment of exhibition halls and theaters.

Northern Iowa

Northern Iowa, known as the Driftless Area, is a district in the American Midwest noted for its profoundly cut waterway valleys. The city of Dubuque lies here and has many tourist attractions, for example, the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium and the Port of Dubuque.  In Dyersville, you will find the notorious baseball field from the film, Field of Dreams. 

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What's so great about Iowa?

iowa lake with trees

There’s plenty to do and see in Iowa, certainly more than meets the eye!

We know we’re not many people’s first choice but we believe we convince a lot of people otherwise too.

Iowa truly is home to what we think of as some of the nicest people to walk the Earth. If you’ve never heard of “Iowa Nice” be prepared for never ending kindness… whether you think you deserve it or not.

We’re not weird, just friendly neighbors, friends, and even family.

Take it from the locals… that’s us! There are some things that you just can’t miss when you stop and smell the roses.

Western Iowa Must Do’s: hike at Hitchcock Nature Center, boat on the Missouri River, and hop the border to explore Omaha, NE!

Central Iowa Must Do’s: check out Iowa State University, stop at the Iowa State Fair, and explore Iowa’s capitol.

Eastern Iowa Must Do’s: experience the Hawkeye spirit, explore Maquoketa caves, and see the Mississippi River.

Beardshear hall iowa state university at sunset
destinations near Iowa to travel to

Another awesome thing about Iowa is it’s proximity to plenty of travel destinations. Which for you could double as a fun weekend trip! Depending on where you’re located in Iowa some of these destinations could be within or under 5 hours.

  • Omaha, NE
  • Twin Cities, MN
  • Milwaukee, Madison, & Green Bay, WI
  • Chicago, IL
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Kansas City, MO/KS

check out these awesome nonprofits in eastern iowa

Who Goes there? Hopefully no one.

Safety is a major factor when choosing where you want to live. We want you and your loved ones to know the territory you’re moving into and be prepared for whatever it may hold. Luckily, Iowa is one of the safest states in America. Still, we encourage you to check out SpotCrime’s interactive map for Iowa.

We Love It here. so we write about it... a lot.

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