How To: Hiring Movers as Outsource Contractors

How To: Hiring Movers as Outsource Contractors

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There are various reasons that businesses or individuals may call on contractors for assistance. Maybe you’re getting ready to renovate your home and need some help with basic demolition. Or perhaps your business requires some heavy items to be moved around. You may not have the means to accomplish these goals on your own. But, did you know you can outsource contractors to help make your vision a reality?

What is Outsource Contracting?

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An outsourcing contract is a legal document that states what labor will be handled by a third party hired by a business. The contract includes timelines, expectations, and any other agreements you would like to make between your business and the third party. Outsourcing contracts are vital to protecting your investment and the third party’s wages.

Because they protect your money, many legal issues are involved with outsourcing contracts. These contracts also come with protections for legal property rights and confidential information that you may need to share with the third party for them to do their job correctly and efficiently.

Not all outsourcing contracts look the same either. The design, format, verbiage, etc. within the contract is completely up to you and should reflect the needs and theme of your business. If you are making an outsourcing contract yourself, this is where it is especially important to consult a lawyer before finalizing anything. These documents will also reflect the services that the outsource contractors are willing to supply.

Although making a contract yourself is typically for project-based contracts, people working through a business platform can still create their contracts. You’ll need to include it here in your contract when writing one yourself.

Who to Hire as Outsourced Contractors

UniMovers hourly labor services as outsourced contractors

When it comes to choosing who your third party will be in your outsourcing contract, there are many different options to choose from. This can make the process somewhat stressful, but don’t let this overwhelm you. Once you decide what you’re looking for in outsourcing contractors, it will be much easier to narrow down your decision. 


Deciding who to hire to can be tricky, but UniMovers can help you by acting as your outsourced contractors. When hiring a third-party company, you should look for companies that offer hourly labor.

Luckily UniMovers does just that! UniMovers offers hourly labor services at a low price to help you move things around and pack and unpack equipment you may need. The company offers these hourly services to everyone at rates that won’t break the bank either!

UniMovers has locations spread across Iowa, South Carolina, and North Carolina to offer your business the outsourced contractor services it requires. When looking to hire, be sure to consider UniMovers as one of your many options! You will find that many moving companies offer services as outsourced contractors. Hiring movers is a good idea because they already have moving experience. For more information visit our outsource building contractors services page!

Benefits of Hiring Hourly Labor as Outsourced Contractors

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While you may think that hiring a moving company for hourly labor services wouldn’t be more beneficial for you, hiring hourly labor services proves to be quite efficient. Some benefits are very obvious, but others you may not have thought of. Here are some top benefits of outsourcing your contracting needs to hourly labor services. 


Outsourcing your labor needs to contractors is a great way to keep your business growing. Hiring hourly labor as your third-party “employees” keeps your business thriving and allows you to assign the necessary work to your team. Using hourly labor ensures that these jobs will be finished efficiently while on a fixed rate.


One of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing your labor services is that it is so cost-effective. Outsourcing your business allows you to save money by paying movers by the hour rather than full-time employees. Hiring hourly labor also allows you to save money on things like paid vacation time, insurance, employee benefits, etc. 

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As we’ve discussed before, outsourcing your business can be extremely efficient, especially when you hire hourly labor services. When you hire hourly labor, you’re sure to get employees who are skilled and hardworking.


Teamwork after writing an outsourcing contract

As we’ve discussed thus far in the article, outsourcing your business to hourly labor movers is a great way to grow your business. Hiring hourly labor allows growth for your business, efficiency for the tasks at hand, and is cost-beneficial. Outsourcing contractors allows you to hire skilled workers who are trained specifically for whatever your business needs. When looking into hiring hourly labor to outsource your business needs be sure to check out UniMovers!

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