Moving Apartments with UniMovers: Everything You Need to Know

Moving Apartments with UniMovers: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re thinking about relocating, one thing I’m sure you’ve considered is how much it will cost you to move into a new apartment. While moving can be an exciting experience, figuring out the details of the cost can be a headache. 

Many factors go into it, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out on your own. We’ve compiled a list of the factors that go into the cost of moving, and the average cost to move into an apartment with UniMovers. Pull out your notepad and calculator, and we’ll guide you through making a moving budget specific to your situation.

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Moving Supplies

Whether you move on your own or hire movers, there are some basic moving supplies you will need. It’s helpful to sit down and make a list of supplies so that you aren’t caught off guard when your moving day comes. Some ideas of things to go on this list are:

  • Boxes of all sizes ($1-$4 per box)
  • Specialty Boxes ($10-$20 per box)
  • Packing Tape ($2-$4 per roll)
  • Bubble Wrap ($15-$20 per roll)
  • Packing Paper ($15-$20 per roll)
  • Packing Peanuts ($8-$10 per bag)
  • Plastic Wrap ($10-$12 per roll)
  • Furniture Pads (Rentals start around $5 per pad)
  • Mattress Covers ($10-$12 per cover)
  • Box Cutters ($10-$12)
  • Labels and Markers ($10-$12)
  • Basic Tool Kit For Disassembly and Reassembly ($25-$40)
  • Dollies (Rentals start at $7 for local moves and $12 for long-distance)

These supplies will help make your move smoother and will ensure none of your belongings are damaged in the process. U-Haul has some good deals on buying and renting moving supplies.

If you find yourself on a tight budget, you can save money by borrowing boxes from friends or getting free ones from a store instead of purchasing them. You can also substitute blankets for furniture pads. Not all of these supplies will be necessary for every move, so it is helpful to identify which supplies you need for your situation and calculate your cost.

Renting a Truck

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If you don’t have your own truck, you will need to consider how you will transport your belongings. U-Haul and Penske are both good options for affordable moving truck rentals, and details about their pricing can be found on their sites. Make sure to factor in not only the cost of renting the truck but also the cost of gas. 

Moving an Apartment with UniMovers

UniMovers charges an hourly flat rate, with additional travel fees depending on your proximity to our nearest location. Please note all moves have a two hour minimum.

If you are moving within a city we are located in, we do not charge a travel fee. If you are not moving within a city we have a location in, you can use our travel fee calculator to determine what your fees will be.

Average Cost of Moving a Studio Apartment

UniMovers is a labor-only moving company—we do the heavy lifting for you. For a very small or studio apartment, about 400-600 ft2, we estimate it will take two movers to get the job done. If you just want one or the other, loading or unloading, it will take about two hours. If you want both, it will take about three. 

Our hourly flat rate for two movers is $120 per hour. If you only need either loading or unloading, it will more than likely require two movers for two hours, meaning our flat rate would be $240. If you need loading and unloading, it will take about three to four hours, making the flat rate between $360 and $480.

Average Cost of Moving a One or Two Bedroom Apartment

For a one or two-bedroom apartment, you probably will also only need two movers. (UniMovers recommends you have one or two movers per bedroom). However, the labor time will be longer. You can always opt for more movers to condense the timeframe but you should be aware that in a small space, an extra person may be more detrimental than helpful to your schedule.

If you need either loading or unloading services, we estimate this will take our movers about two to three hours. This cost comes out between $240 and $360. If you need loading and unloading, we estimate it will take between four and five hours, which will cost between $480 and $600. 

Average Cost of Moving a Three Bedroom Apartment

For a three-bedroom apartment, we recommend at least three movers. Our flat rate for three movers is $180 per hour. We expect the same amount of labor time as a one or two bedroom—between two and three hours if you are only loading or unloading, and between four to five if you are doing both. This would be between $360 and $540 for just one service, and between $720 and $900 for both.

Looking to move soon?

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UniMovers flat rates for apartment moving

There are lots of things to consider when calculating the cost of moving an apartment. Factors such as moving supplies, truck rentals, and whether you move on your own or with professional help are the biggest factors in the equation. 

Our services are based on an hourly flat rate plus travel fees. These are estimates of the average cost to move an apartment with UniMovers based on the number of bedrooms. If our services sound like something that would fit your needs, check out our cost estimator here to get a quote specific to your situation!

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