The Fool-Proof Way To Avoid ALL Moving Scams

The Fool-Proof Way To Avoid ALL Moving Scams

documentation of a moving scam

I’ve heard it a million times. “We got scammed by our movers, PLEASE HELP US!” There are so many scams in this industry like movers taking your money and your stuff, and the truth is, there’s a simple way to avoid every moving scam! The simple solution? Labor-only movers.

How to avoid all moving scams using labor-only moving services?

It’s easy. You rent the truck, we provide the labor. With labor-only movers, you save your back with movers helping you load and unload all your goods, and you drive the truck. That way you stay in control of your goods at all times. No one can withhold your items until you pay some ridiculous price well above the estimate provided. And the best part (apart from avoiding a moving scam of course), it is generally CHEAPER than full-service moving companies! On average, we find customers save 40-60% on their move by hiring moving labor and booking a moving truck compared with hiring full-service movers. It’s a no-brainer– save money and mitigate moving scams; Hire labor-only movers.

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