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Moving Help Through Uhaul | What to Look Out For

When you’re looking for moving labor for your upcoming move, you’ve probably considered hiring Uhaul movers, the one’s featured on their MovingHelp platform. While their program is pretty cool, as it connects customers with local moving companies, there are quite a few things you should look out for when hiring MovingHelpers. Keep reading to learn more about Uhaul’s MovingHelp program and about the certain things you should look out for if you do decide to hire moving labor through them.

All About Moving Help

MovingHelp is a really cool program owned by Uhaul that connects consumers to hourly moving labor. MovingHelp allows small local moving companies to easily get jobs without any advertising expenses by taking 15% of their revenue. Typically customers find moving help by first renting their truck on Uhaul. Customers will be asked if they need equipment and if they’ll need movers. If they need movers, Uhaul will take the customer to Movinghelp.com and let them pick from local moving helpers. I’m going to walk you through the 4 things to consider before hiring moving helpers from MovingHelp.

1. Scheduling Through MovingHelp’s Platform

There just isn’t a good way for moving companies to sync their schedule with Moving Help’s platform. So if you’re requesting within a week, or a few days, chances are your movers won’t be available (Although the platform will say they are). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for your sake and the moving companies sake, when you book on MovingHelp, call your movers to confirm!

2. You Get What You Pay For

While you can find a lot of great companies on Uhaul’s Moving Help platform, you can also find a lot of inexperienced ones as well. If you and your cousin want to start making some extra money on the side, you can easily get on MovingHelp. All you need is a bank account.

I don’t have a problem with you and your cousin trying to make some extra money on the side—in fact, I respect it—but, there is a science to moving. It doesn’t just take muscle, it takes brains, experience, and spatial relations. You can’t just hire anyone off the street, or the kid next door to move your belongings. Leave it to those with experience if you want it done right.

EDIT: MovingHelp does require the owner to get a background check, however, those that will actually be assisting you do not need to be.

3. Insurance Through MovingHelp

Moving companies that are labor-only are not required to carry insurance, and most moving helpers on MovingHelp are labor-only moving companies. If your movers scratch some paint off the wall or ding a doorway, that’s not such a big deal. However, if your movers tear up your hardwood floors, break your door, or leave a gaping hole in your wall, I imagine you’re not going to be too happy, and neither will your wallet.

Some movers on MovingHelp carry general liability insurance to cover damages like these, most don’t. It’s worth looking into their insurance prior to booking your move.

Even though your moving help might not have insurance, you’re not at a total loss if your movers break something. By law, your movers have to provide basic valuation coverage ($.60/pound) for items broken or damaged. This is fine if they break your weight set, but if your helpers drop your 10-pound flat screen tv, $6.00 isn’t going to go too far.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a limitation of MovingHelp, most moving companies don’t provide full-valuation coverage. Scratch that, I don’t know a single moving company that provides full-valuation coverage for all goods. Moving companies also aren’t insurance brokers, so you can’t just buy insurance for your move directly from them. If you’re wanting full-valuation coverage, I recommend getting a policy with Movinginsurance.com. They offer full-value coverage for purchase starting at $12 per $1,000 in coverage.

EDIT: MovingHelp now offers insurance in various states called Safeload. Moving Help Service Provider(s) are still not required to be insured, but you can purchase Safeload for additional coverage.

4. Cost of Moving Helpers

You can find some pretty affordable moving help on Uhaul’s platform, but you get what you pay for. Most professional moving companies charge between $40 and $60/hr/mover for labor.

That being said, MovingHelp is also a very competitive marketplace that gives moving companies an opportunity to advertise their services for free, so their prices are worth checking out. However, you can expect to pay an additional 15% (on top of what hiring the moving company directly would cost) to cover MovingHelp’s cut. 

If you’re looking to save some money, we recommend hiring your moving company directly. Chances are you’ll get better customer service and pricing!

5. Uhaul’s MovingHelp Reviews Are Pretty Terrible 

While the reviews that you see from moving companies on their platform seem generally positive, the review system does not reflect cases where the payment code is never released. In other words, if you want to leave a negative review, you’ve got to pay for the move, even if your movers never showed. Nobody’s going to do that.

If you check out MovingHelp’s reviews on a third-party site like SiteJabber, you’ll find they have 1.5 stars out of 307 reviews. Pretty rough if you ask me. The program has good intentions working with local vendors, but they also have a lot of problems when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Don’t Let This Article Discount Moving Helpers

While I’ve covered a lot of why I’m skeptical of Uhaul’s MovingHelp program, I want to iterate that what I’ve covered on Uhaul’s moving helpers does not reflect hourly moving labor in general.

Hiring moving labor in conjunction with renting a U-Haul moving truck is a great way to save your back, and reduce your moving costs. This hybrid model is becoming the preferred way to move with Uhaul companies popping up EVERYWHERE!

Not only do you save money, but you can also feel at ease. After all, a lot of moving horror stories revolve around having items withheld. When booking a Uhaul moving truck and hiring moving labor, you stay in possession of your goods at all times!

If do you choose to hire moving helpers through Uhaul, just make sure to use a moving company that is a good fit for you. Cover your bases by keeping in mind the 5 things I went over in this article.

Final Thoughts

While DIY moves are becoming more common with the increasing prevalence of Uhauls, many people still need (or want) to hire moving helpers. And why not!? You save a ton of money, reduce the risk for moving scams, and significantly reduce the workload on your shoulders.

Millions are moving using this hybrid model. It’s a trend I think we will continue to see in the future. Many people are using Uhaul’s MovingHelp platform to find moving labor, but I recommend hiring your movers directly. After all, MovingHelp works well… when it works.

If you do decide to hire moving Uhaul helpers watch out for common scams, or just avoid most of these problems by hiring a professional moving company directly. The best way I’ve found for hiring local services is just by Googling “movers near me.” Have you hired Uhaul moving helpers, or are you a moving company that has used their platform? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “Moving Help Through Uhaul | What to Look Out For”

  1. Movinghelp is great you get the same professionals without the Big Company name and gouging as an issue. They don’t charge for every little thing..

    1. I feel they have really misrepresented the truth here. In fact, it came across as hating on the down low.
      Who did Uhaul piss off or what larger company is behind this.. Or is this an attempt to push out the little man and push the insurance thing.
      They can’t stop what God ordained.

      1. Hi Reuben, this article is simply meant to serve as a criticism of Uhaul’s MovingHelp program. There is a lot of good experiences that come of the program, but also a lot of bad. I have personally unloaded moving trucks where client’s items were tossed all-around due to the prior moving company’s lack of experience. I have worked with customers to try and help them after their poor experience with MovingHelp. The worst thing a mover ever has to deal with is a customer who has lost thousands in personal possessions due to another company’s negligence. So while this article may look like hating because it was written after consoling someone who had just lost thousands in personal possessions, I think it’s fair to be critical of a 1.5-star company.

        1. It should also be noted that my experiences with other programs like MovingLabor and MovingStaffers have not been any better. The reason this article focuses on Uhaul’s Moving Help program is that it is far more popular. I am a big fan of Uhaul, especially because of its sustainability goals, but I am not a fan of MovingHelp.

      2. I’m a mover on moving help. We provide an excellent service for our customers at a very reasonable rate. The fact that the author state’s all you need is a bank account to start a movinghelp profile tells me he did not do a good investigation of the Movinghelp. You also have to submit to a criminal background check and be free of felony convictions.

        1. Junior, here is a direct quote from Uhaul’s website on MovingHelp’s terms & conditions: “You acknowledge and agree that We do not do any type of background checks of a Moving Helper nor do we do inquiries into the work history, criminal history, or character history of a Moving Helper nor do we do inquiries into whether a Moving Helper has any or all applicable licensure, insurance(s) or permits that may be necessary to perform the Services.” Source

          1. To start an account you have to pass a background check. But it is only the person that starts the account. It is actually hard to get approved. But after you get an account you could send anyone to do the job. So I understand this part of you point. But I know from experience they are pretty hard to get an account through.

          2. Hey Roddie, what I was trying to get across here is that you don’t need to have any moving experience (at all) in order to start an account. Passing a background check simply proves you aren’t a criminal.

  2. Hello, and to whomever you are,
    Ok, I am a mover and very good one at that. Over fifteen years of experience so with that said the only true comment you made is that it is not an easy job and it takes years of every day moving to even call yourself a mover. So let me ask you. Are you a mover?? If so great, but maybe just as an individual that’s very tech-savvy, cause I am not remember I’m a mover.

    Look folks and possible future customers moving help website is a good site and all u need to do is take your time read the reviews and make a wise decision and your moving experience will be fine. Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Russell, I have 4 years of experience in the industry. Reviews are a good place to start, but the other points laid out in this post are important things to consider.

  3. I started a moving helper company had one job and was told for no reason that they deactivated my account. You have to be careful because the one job we got I had one of the people I knew collected the money by taking it in cash. That is a big no no and when I told this to moving helper they didn’t care and did nothing about it.

    1. Unfortunately, when you sign up, you agree that they can kick you off the platform at any time for any reason, and they do not have to tell you why. Really sad for moving companies who use their platform as their primary source of income.

      1. I used uhaul moving help twice this past week. Both worked out great. I thought this was the best thing u-haul has done. Finding movers on my own has been difficult at best.
        One was in Montgomery,Alabama and the other in Miami. One charged more and had more experience. The other charged less and were not as experienced. My son and I supervised which is a good idea anytime.
        Both sets of movers were great and took direction to my satisfaction. Would use again.
        Caution is always advisable and insurance a good idea.

  4. Actually, you have a lot of misleading information in this article. I know because we have been working with Moving helper for 10 years. It use to be Emove. They have become stricter letting people “advertise” their small moving business on their site. You must have a car, license, insurance and a clean background before you are able to list or make your small moving business in their site. They don’t just approve anyone to be on there. Also, there are a lot of professionals on Moving helper. Read a lot of reviews before choosing moving helpers. Lastly, Moving helper started offering insurance to protect the movers and the customers if damages were to occur. This service is called Safeload. It is an option that customers can choose to have when booking their helpers.

    1. Hi Jeanine! Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear it sounds like they are making things stricter, however a background check, license, car, and a clean background check does not confirm that someone has moving experience. I am also confused on what kind of insurance movers need to have, because when I look at the Movinghelp website it says that movers are not required to have insurance. Could you clarify?
      Glad MovingHelper is offering insurance (Safeload), however, Safeload is not offered in every state. MovingInsurance.com is, which is why we recommend it. In addition, Safeload has to be purchased and (my understanding is that it) only safeguards you from damage occurring due to a collision.

  5. I’ve been with movinghelper.com from the start. So 1st. No it’s not 40 to 60 a hour it’s a 2 hour minimal usually at 75 to 90$ any lower and your hiring Billy Bob and jeffro from the corner for beer money not a moving company. 2 nd 90% of every customer that has ever inquired about insurance on the labor has tryed to get free labor and free money with false claims, that’s why insurance isnt required. The few instances that things do get broken more often then not happens when the owner or customer who’s never driven a moving truck runs over every curb and hits every speed bump they can because they never drove a big truck before and no matter how careful you are packing wrapping and Tieing off the furniture and or boxes When you hit a speed bump doing 60 Things get broken. The move labors responsibility ends once the trucks loaded it’s the customers responsibility to inspect the load it is after all called movinghelper.com we are their to help, now most of us are true movers with years of training and experience but no matter what in TV he end transporting it safely in the truck is the customers responsibility. 3. Yes read the reviews but remember when giving those reviews 1 star off matters greatly and removing a star for such things as the movers were late or their vehicle broke down isn’t the right thing to do. Those movers most of the time have to drive up to but not limited as far as 2 hours away to get to you, no they are not advertising in your area most times that’s movinghelper.com not having available movers close so they put a company alot farther away up first or one from another city so you were less likely to call them directly and cut mlm ovinghelp out. If you give frivolous low reviews your hurting every one by bumping up the newbies with no experience that’s just out yo make a fast buck, how are you bu jumping them up well because they only had say 10 jobs total their over all score is higher than the company that does it 365 days a year that by default will have less than perfect scores just by average. Moving help puts perfect scores up top and with any amount of time you’ll receive 4.5 stars or 4 stars here and their and that prevents the great company from being your 1st choice. 4 mostvof us wont be chipper and energetic if you order us after 12 in the day chances are we already did 2 jobs by then and after 12 it’s the hottest part of the day keep in mind your ordering humans not machines. If you cant pick up the box you packed why do you think the other human you hired to do it can ? Are they strong yes most likely but are you hurting them yes you are and most of us won’t let you know that by the end if the day our backs hurt and after 4 years most mover have trouble lacing our shoes. Yes we use dolly’s but sometime you cant ither that box cant handel the tilt or the stairs wont allow it many reason why our equipment wont help and it’s just plain old man power(or woman) ither way keep in mind you hired humans to do what you cant do or wont do. 5 safety with masks is impossible and pointless in this trade our faces are pressed against your furniture as we carry it, our hands touch every thing you own we are in and out bgg of moving trucks that’s temperature at times in the day are 110 degrees or hotter, dont believe me touch that trucks aluminum roof on the inside you will get a burn. We are risking ourselves for you because life doesn’t stop.

  6. Everything you wrote is true!!! The movers are not proactive at all.I know cause I’m a customer and have movers listed and book and I paid for Never Answer there phone then I canceled my order knowing I need help.That said I have to wait five days for my $509 back so I can book different mover’s talk about a mess . The new mover’s I booked talked so rude from the start and used slang and talked about how they don’t get paid kind of speech why don’t know.after explaining I paid through u-haul they didn’t have a way to look up my information and would call me back….still no response and have no Idea if my $465 will get the help or another refund… WHAT a MESS if
    u- haul is going to use the company name to these mover’s they need to make them do the work….worst partnering EVER…

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  8. Movers I got via ” Moving “Help” or “hell” scammed me out if $300 and moving help is most definitely NO help getting that reimbursed. They ADVERTISE ” reliable and expert” service.
    They don’t adequately warn you. You can’t read it on a cell phone- not to give out a number until your satisfied and the scammers lie that they need the number to get your handling fee refunded.
    Better Business Bureau gas over a hundred complaints.
    If moving help was reputable it would contact you to Ask if everything was finished and done properly Before releasing pay.

    If they were reputable they’d listen to how the movers came Late left early and promiseD to send 4 to finish for another 200 up front. And how no one ever showed up to finish. Moving Help should provide CLEAR WARNING NOT PROMISE OF RELIABLE EXPERT SERVICE!!!

  9. Christian Frisbie

    Most are inexperienced and inadequate. The 15% fee is taken from the helpers not added to the pricing. They are not required to carry insurance or coverage. There are a few that are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Choose a company based upon quantity and quality of reviews. It is a great option. It is cheaper for a reason. It’s called moving help because they are there to help you. Some may be able to do the whole move. They are there to assist. Go by reviews mostly, then price. Trying to save a few bucks upfront may cost hundreds. The reviews prove experience.

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