How to Justify the Cost of Home Staging

How to Justify the Cost of Home Staging

home staging of an open concept entertainment area

The time has come to sell your home. While there may be many questions to consider about the process, one should bring up to a realtor or yourself should be “Should I stage my house for sale?”

Home staging is the practice of styling and furnishing a property for sale that enhances the space to entice buyers into purchasing. Basically, if a space looks excellent then it will make people want to buy it. Staging maximizes a space’s appeal and the profit made by selling it. To all my people looking to move, you may want to look into staging your home.

Let’s get some answers to some of your big questions.

Here’s the nitty gritty…

Should I stage my house for sale?

The short answer is yes. Some top reasons why you should stage your home for sale is because on average staging helps sell your home faster, and can increase the sale price by up to 20%.

Other reasons why you should stage include:

  • It can help buyers visualize themselves living there.
    • If a room is staged it gives the buyer a vision of what they could do with the space. It makes a buyer more confident when they have already seen the potential.
  • Online home photos will stand out.
    • With the technology we have today, most potential buyers will view the property online before they see it in person. Realtor sites use staging photos for their websites which are often expected today.
  • Buyers may overlook “flaws”.
    • If a home is staged beautifully and the buyer has bought into the idea of what the home could be, they may be more likely to overlook things that are on their “must-have” list.

Getting your home staged

There are two main ways to get your home staged. You can either hire a consultant or do it yourself. Both of these options have their own pros and cons so be sure to select the one that best suits your needs.

Hiring a consultant

Many full-service realtors today will take care of staging your home. They could either have a professional stager working for them or they hire one. Staging could turn into a big task if furniture needs to be brought into or out of the home. Consider talking to the company or stylist about getting movers. Either way, you want to make the overall moving process easier and less stressful for yourself.

Doing it yourself

If you choose to “DIY” it here are some tips for you…

  • Clean
    • You need a clean space because buyers enjoy a home that is taken care of. So make sure to clean your house from top to bottom and everything in between.
  • Declutter
    • By having a cluttered space you will distract possible buyers from all the great features of your home. A neat and decluttered space allows buyers to see the features offered by your home. It also makes them feel like there is more space available. 
  • Depersonalize
    • While you may love your home the way it is, you have bias. In order for a new family or owner to picture themselves in your home it is best not to have any personal items. This could include family photos, clothes, toys, or keepsakes. 
  • Freshen
    • Try giving your home an overall freshening up. Freshen up your space by planting some new flowers outside, giving a wall a fresh coat of paint, or shampooing all the carpeting. Anything that gives your home a fresh new feel.
Realtor talking to client who is wondering if he should stage his house for sale

How much does staging cost?

The cost of home staging can range anywhere from $750 to $3,000.

Some of the factors that roll into the cost of home staging are an initial consultation with the stager, the size of your home, the scope of the project, if furniture needs to be rented, and if a moving company is hired to help with the process.

Another thing to consider before deciding if you should stage your home is the cost of your move overall. In the grand scheme of the moving process, consider what other investments you have put into your home. Is home staging another investment you want to take part in? The profit made by having home staging done will most likely cover itself.

Tips to save on staging costs

  • Choose rooms
    • If you have a limited budget consider only doing certain spaces. The kitchen, living room, and outdoor spaces (patio/yard) will be the most valuable to potential buyers. 
  • Consider virtual only
    • The cost to virtually stage your home is less than physical staging so you can get your home staged for only the photos regarding the account and still be set.

Hopefully, this helps you understand why your answer should be “yes” to the question of should I stage my house for sale.

The most important things to remember are cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, and freshening up your home.

Best of luck to you in your future home endeavors!

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Should I stage my house that’s for sale?

Yes! Some top reasons why you should stage your home for sale is because on average staging helps sell your home faster, and can increase the sale price by up to 20%.

How do I get my home staged?

You can get your home staged by either hiring a consultant or doing it yourself. Both options have their own pros and cons.

How much does staging cost?

The cost of home staging varies depending on what is needed for the staging and the number of rooms being staged.

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