Throwing the Best Housewarming Party: Tips and Tricks

Throwing the Best Housewarming Party: Tips and Tricks

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You’ve just finished up the last of unpacking. Pictures are slowly being hung up, and the final touches for your new space are nearly finished. All there is left to do is to show off, your new home. What better way than to throw a housewarming party? Not only are housewarming parties a chance to have some fun, but they’re also a chance to kickstart some memories in a new space. Here are some tips and tricks for throwing the best housewarming party!

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When to throw your housewarming party

Moving takes a while, stray boxes and figurines may have not found their place yet, and that’s okay! (If you haven’t made the move yet, here’s our quintessential moving checklist). Most people wait months before throwing a housewarming party, and for good reason. You want to make sure you’re settled into your new home and feel comfortable opening up your space to others.

As we all know, building up a group of people you want to invite over for your housewarming party takes a bit as well. The party should be thrown somewhere around a couple of months after moving in, to get your grounding. It also should be around a time when everyone you want to invite can make it to your party. Making sure a time and date where everyone can attend will provide the best outcome. Another thing to consider is the cost of the party. There’s no need to break the bank for your housewarming party, so consider waiting a couple of months after you’ve moved in so that you can save up for the party essentials.

The invite list

Anyone can have a good party, but to have a memorable party you need to have people! After settling into your community, you’ll probably have met a few people here and there. If you haven’t met a bunch of people, consider reaching out to those you’ve met in passing. Although the interactions may have been short, it’s a chance to extend an olive branch. A great party doesn’t always mean a ton of people have to be there. However, reaching out doesn’t hurt. Whether these people are from work, the local coffee shop, or just your neighborhood, consider an invitation.

If you’re stumped on numbers it may be beneficial to ask your guests to bring a plus one. The plus one will allow you to mingle with more people, and gain more friends of an assortment. The party will help weed out who you want to stay connected with, who you don’t, and who you potentially want to know better. Furthermore, you’ll be able to network and kickstart relationships in a less formal setting, and hopefully, make some new friends! 

No need for fancy décor

Some parties go above and beyond with the glitz and glam, but your new home will serve as the main decoration. If you find that’s not enough, try lighting some candles, fluffing your pillows, or turning on lights to set the party vibe. A decorative space could simply mean tidying up. The most important thing in terms of decorating for your housewarming party is to make sure your space isn’t empty. A filled space includes seating, which is vital to add a comforting aspect. Making sure everyone has a place to relax and enjoy their food and drinks will help the flow of the party, as well as relieve stiffness in body language.

If you want to decorate a little bit, just head to the dollar store and get some balloons or banners. Remember, don’t worry about going above and beyond, unless there is a set theme you want to plan. Overall, the party is about the new home, there’s no need to add more stress.

Something to eat and something to sip 

Upon arrival at a party and after an exchange of hello’s, it’s time for a drink! For a housewarming party, it would be a great idea to get an assortment of drinks like beer or wine. You can make large-batch drinks like a punch or sangria. For those who don’t drink, an alternative beverage should be set out. When inviting people over for the first time you want them to feel welcomed and taken care of, and providing drinks serves as a great impression.

While the housewarming party isn’t a dinner party, finger foods would be ideal for guests to snack on while taking in the new place. Appetizer-style food is the way to go. Some options that are quick and easy can range from bruschetta to mini sliders, dips, and meatballs. If you want to keep it simple, charcuterie boards are an alternative. These boards have an arrangement of lighter foods like nuts, fruit, and cheeses that pair well with wine and adds an element of class. Regardless of what you serve, remember, you don’t have to break the bank for food and drinks to have a great time. Even some classic pizza is an option that won’t disappoint!

What to do at your housewarming party

While there’s much to talk about involving your move, your plans, and everyday small talk, having the main event will surely help to get the party started. For a housewarming party, an easy way to bring everyone together is some sort of party game. There are tons of games out there that get a group laughing, talking, and opening up. This is a great way to get to know those around you and break the ice.

Card games are recommended considering multiple people can play, and you don’t have to toy around with game board pieces, etc. Some games great for groups are Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Buzzed, or even something like Euchre or Poker. Having a game to play gives people something to look forward to at the party. Games help draw in a group if the conversation happens to fizzle out and reveals personality. Any of these games can be enjoyed by all players since they require little skill and setting up. Gauge your crowd and pick a game accordingly that is appropriate for the vibe.

After the housewarming party

So the party is over, you’ve cleaned up, and on top of that, have made some awesome new connections from your event. But what comes now? Your impression as a host will hopefully ensure that these people will keep interacting on a normal basis. Soon after, you’ll find yourself reaching out to those people for future events like going out for a drink or dinner.

Afterward, you should be feeling accomplished and looking forward to your new life in your new home. A bonus is to send thank you cards to your guests. A simple thank you speaks volumes on character and shows appreciation for those who came.

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