Top 20 Places That Will Pay You to Live There

Top 20 Places That Will Pay You to Live There

man counting money given to him for moving

Moving to a new state or country can be both exciting and challenging! There are many things to consider when moving, some of them may even scare or deter you. One thing that can sway you even more than the excitement is an incentive-based relocation. There are many places, including states and countries, across the globe that will pay you to live there in 2023!

It has become a recent trend for states to pay new residents to move to their region. There can be many different reasons why a state offers incentivized relocations. These can range from the need for economic growth to rural development.

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10 US States That Pay You to Live There


Mountain range in Vermont that will pay you to live there
Mountain Range in Vermont

The beautiful state of Vermont is just one of the US states that offers pay to people who move there. The area is known for its wonderful public schools, restaurants, and proximity to nature. Through the assistance of the government’s New Remote Worker Grant Program, you can enjoy the benefits of an incentivized move.

There are some conditions that you will need to follow to receive the benefits of the program. For people who are working full-time remote jobs for an out-of-state company, making more than $13.39 per hour (Vermont’s minimum wage), and who moved to Vermont on or after February 2022, you are eligible for up to $7,500 reimbursement for closing expenses on a primary residence, one month’s rent, or moving expenses. The end total of your compensation for your move depends on the city you move to.

West Virginia

Beautiful mountains in West Virginia
Mountains overlooking rivers in West Virginia

West Virginia is a gorgeous mountainous state that now offers incentives to move into the state. Morgantown, West Virginia, home to West Virginia State University, is just one of the state’s cities offering these benefits. Areas such as Greenbrier Valley, Eastern Panhandle, and Greater Elkins offer applicants up to $12,000 to commit two years to a new mountain home.

Additional benefits for the area include a year’s worth of free outdoor activities such as skiing and whitewater rafting. This benefit also covers activities such as coworking spaces, group activities to help boost social networks and professional development activities. 

New York

Picturesque cityscape of New York under sundown sky
New York City skyline

A New York program known as the Greater ROC Remote program offers grants of up to $19,000 for people moving to the region. The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce in Rochester, New York launched the program. To be an eligible applicant, remote workers must be employed full-time by a company located outside of the Rochester area and commit to living there for at least one year.

Applicants who can move to the area within 6 months of applying will receive a $10,000 reward to assist with moving expenses. If you decide to purchase a home in the Rochester area you can also apply for an additional $9,000. The program also offers up to $500 for a solo trip or $750 for a party of two to visit the area before deciding to move. 


O'Neil Bridge in The Shoals, Alabama
O’Neil Bridge in The Shoals, Alabama

The region known as The Shoals, Alabama contains four cities including Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia. If you move to any of these cities as a remote worker from anywhere outside of Colbert and Lauderdale counties you can earn up to $10,000 from the Shoals Economic Development Authority.

There are some conditions under this program though that applicants need to follow to be eligible for the benefits. To receive the $10,000 incentive you must make at least $52,000 a year. You must also be able to relocate within six months of acceptance into the program. These grant payments will also be made in increments as follows: 25% upfront, another 25% after six months, and the last 50% after you’ve lived in the region for a year. 


City of Tulsa that will pay you to live there
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Another beautiful state in the United States that will pay you to live there is Oklahoma. The Tulsa Remote Program was created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through the program, selected remote workers can receive a $10,000 grant to support their relocation to Tulsa. You can also receive benefits such as access to free co-working spaces and networking opportunities and access to resources and events to help you integrate into the community.

The program is open to remote workers from all over the world! The selection process is based on various factors including experience, skills, and your commitment to the community. This includes at least a one-year living commitment, although you may find a more permanent home there!

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The State capital of Kansas, Topeka
Topeka, Kansas

Our sixth city offering incentivized moving is Kansas, USA. Specifically the capital itself, Topeka, Kansas. The Kansas-incentivized move offers a little bit of a different experience to applicants compared to other states.

Through the Choose Topeka initiative applicants can receive pocketed cash after securing full-time employment through a participating company and moving to Topeka within the following year. The program offers up to $10,000 for renting and up to $15,000 to applicants who purchase a home in Shawnee County. The funds will be granted to the applicant after a year of living in the region. 


Purdue University entrance arch
Purdue University in Indiana

The midwestern state of Indiana is one of the other places in the U.S. that pays you to live there. Indiana offers many high-end school districts and colleges, including Purdue University, as well as restaurants, outdoor activities, and public transportation. 

The Work from Purdue program includes many benefits such as a 50% discount on coworking space, a $5,000 stipend, three months free at MatchBOX, and much more. Other benefits give residents access to free public transportation and many other discounted and free amenities for remote workers. 


Glacier snow landscape mountains in the state of Alaska
Glaciers in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful U.S. states and you can get paid to live there, a win-win situation! If you love being in the outdoors, this is a consideration to make. Although Alaska is attractive to tourists and cruise lines, the state desperately needs permanent residents. 

Alaskan residents will receive an annual dividend just for living in the state for a year and planning to live there indefinitely. You can apply for this dividend after living in the state for a full year. The benefits vary depending on the Alaskan government’s approval each year. 2022’s dividend was $3,284 per person. 


Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas is another U.S. state that uses an incentivized move program to attract top talent to the area. The state is a very outdoorsy region and part of its benefits include access to items and attractions that sport the state’s proximity to nature.

Through the Life Works Here Initiative in Northwest Arkansas applicants can receive a variety of benefits by meeting the requirements. These requirements include moving to the counties of Benton or Washington for at least a year. By doing this you can receive benefits such as $10,000 cash or cryptocurrency, mountain bikes, and road bikes. Other benefits include support in finding housing, jobs, and community. 


Columbus, Ohio city skyline
Columbus, Ohio city skyline

Last on our list of U.S. states and places that will pay you to live there is Ohio. Ohio’s incentivized relocation is more geared towards both post-grad students. Through the Talent Attraction Program, the state has offered to pay off student loan debt as a way to attract new movers to the state. The state aims to attract new residents as well as boost its college-educated workforce. 

You will receive benefits such as $400 a month for up to three years for a total of up to $15,000. The requirements for this program are more tedious than others though and are as follows. You must be a college graduate from a STEAM program, are not a current resident of Hamilton, Ohio, have a plan to move to Hamilton, full-time remote employment or employment within Butler County, Ohio. 

10 International Places That Will Pay You to Live There


Orange powerboat between medium rise buildings
Boats on the streets of Italy

There are several benefits to moving internationally in addition to getting paid to do so, so take advantage of these opportunities! Starting off our list is the beautiful country of Italy. Several regions of Italy will pay you to move there. One of these places is the town of Candela in Southern Italy. The town launched a program in 2017 called “Casa a 1 euro” which offers abandoned houses to people for just 1 euro, about USD 1.20, in exchange for renovating the property and living there for at least three years. If you love to flip houses, this is the ideal opportunity for you!

Another region of Italy that will incentivize you to move there is the town of Mussimeli in Sicily, Italy. This town offers a similar program to the one in Candela called “Case for Creatives”. The program offers renovated houses for free to artists, writers, and other creatives who are willing to move to the area. This is one of the best offers for international places that pay you to live there!


Aerial photography of rock next to water body
Cliffs on the coast in Ireland

Ireland is known globally for both its beauty and its fun-filled culture. Unlike the states that pay you to live there, international countries focus their incentives more on building their economy and diversity! Although the country does not offer pay to everyday movers, you’re in luck if you are an entrepreneur! Through the Enterprise Ireland program entrepreneurs can receive a multitude of support and benefits.

This program has attracted business owners from all over the world. If you have a start-up business that you want to pursue, apply to the program. If selected, you can receive thousands of euros in support for your start-up business!


The island of Antikythera, Greece
Antikythera, Greece

Up next on our list of international places that will pay you to live there is Greece! The island of Antikythera, Greece has a significantly low population and because of this, the Greek Orthodox Church will pay you to live there.

Through this program, you will receive several benefits to keep you sustained on the island. You will receive a house, land, and around 500 euros per month for the first three years of living on the island. Living on the island offers a small-town lifestyle full of solitude and serenity


the small mountain town of Albinen, Switzerland
Albinen, Switzerland

Switzerland is another European country known for its beautiful rural lifestyle. The country attracts many tourists from all over the world, but some of its towns have declining populations. The Swiss town of Albinen is just one example of this. 

The town of Albinen has an increasingly declining population and because of this, the town is willing to pay up to $25,000 for people to move there. New residents are eligible for this grant along with $10,000 for any children you may have. The condition for this grant is that you must be under the age of 45 and live there for at least 10 years. 


Mountains overlooking river in Saskatchewan, Canada is a beautiful place that will pay you to live there
Saskatchewan, Canada

Another college-aimed incentive program is offered to residents of Canada. The city of Saskatchewan, Canada created Saskatchewan’s Graduates Retention Program to incentivize post-grad students to stay in the area.

The program offers graduates in the region 20,000 CAD, around $15,000 USD in tax returns as an incentive for staying in the area after graduation. As long as you continue to live there and file taxes, Canada will pay you to live there for up to ten years. The only condition is that you must graduate from an approved secondary school. 


Mountains in the Ponga village of Spain

Spain is a warm and beautiful country that attracts many tourists but like many European countries, its small towns are declining. The country is facing a demographic crisis due to a declining birth rate and an aging population. Because of this, these small places within the country are offering to pay people to live there.

One of these towns is called Ponga. Ponga is a small town located in the province of Asturias, Spain. To encourage new residents to move there, the town is offering 2,600 euros per person in funding for families with children. They also offer 2,000 euros to single people or a couple without children. If you give birth while living in Ponga, the town will give you an additional 2,600 euros. 


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is another European country that is aiming to boost and diversify its economy! Denmark doesn’t necessarily pay you in cash to live there, but there are a multitude of financial benefits that come along with moving there. 

Denmark, like many others, highly encourages entrepreneurs to bring their start-up businesses to the country. Denmark has an amazing education system, and superb health, and welfare systems, many of which are free or very low-cost! Moving to Denmark as a business owner or a normal resident is a financial incentive in itself, as you will save money in the long run. 


Chile is a place that will pay you to live there
Santiago, Chile

Chile is a beautiful country located in the western part of South America. It has diverse landscapes that residents and visitors can enjoy, such as the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It also has deserts and glaciers, this makes it a wonderful place for people who love the outdoors!

If you are an entrepreneur, you can move to Chile and start your career with support! Through the Start-Up Chile program, your start-up business can receive up to $300,000 in CLP funding. Chile has a very stable economy and many people that have gone through the Start-Up Chile program have made millions and billions in sales over the years!


Rural regions of Portugal where you can be paid to live there
Rural regions of Portugal

Portugal is another beautiful European country right next to Spain. In 2020 Portugal launched a program known as the Emprego Interior MAIS. The program is aimed to encourage people to move to the more rural areas of Portugal. 

Workers who move to the rural areas of Portugal can receive up to 4,827 euros in funding. In the rural villages of Portugal, this is usually enough to cover the annual rent of a small home. The only condition is that you must live in the area for at least a year.


Australia is a place that will pay you to live there
Sydney, Australia

You may not think of Australia when you think of places that will pay you to live there, but surprisingly it is! Australia is globally known for its fun and outdoorsy activities for visitors and residents, although it may be difficult to visit for most people. Luckily some areas of the country need new residents and will incentivize you to live there.

The rural desert town of Queensland, Australia is searching for new residents with a small population of 800 people. The town is aiming to boost its population to around 1000. To do this, the town is offering 20,000 AUD in grants to encourage people to move there! The conditions are that you must live there for at least six months and build property worth less than $750,000. 


There are several benefits to moving to states or countries that pay you to live there. One of the most apparent benefits is the financial incentive. You can supplement your income and save money by receiving regular payments or other monetary benefits. Some places that pay you to live there offer free housing, free education, or access to healthcare. These benefits can help improve your quality of life and reduce stress and financial burden. Another large benefit to moving somewhere that pays you to live there is new career opportunities. For example, some places may be looking for skilled workers or entrepreneurs to help grow their local economy.

Some of these places may be in remote or exotic locations, providing unique experiences that may not be available elsewhere. For example, some places may offer access to outdoor recreational activities or cultural experiences. You can also experience a smaller population or tight-knit community in your new home. This helps provide a sense of belonging and encourages community building. Overall, there are many different benefits you can receive from moving to one of these places. You could receive pocketed cash, business opportunities, free housing, new communities, and access to many more activities!

Reese Ledford comes from Fort Mill, South Carolina, right outside Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently studying English and Political Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. In her free time, she loves to travel, draw, write, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.