Check Out These 3 Awesome Charities in Dubuque, Iowa 

Check Out These 3 Awesome Charities in Dubuque, Iowa 

Three people donating their time at a nonprofit in Dubuque

Looking to support your community? You may be interested in checking out some local nonprofits. Nonprofits are not-for-profit organizations created and operated for public or social benefit. There are several awesome charities in Dubuque, Iowa that are worth looking into.

A Word On Nonprofits

Nonprofits can only function with the support of outside “investors”. Typically nonprofits rely on large donors like local businesses and individual donations to stay afloat. Nonprofit organizations in Iowa are no exception.  

If you aren’t interested or can’t afford to monetarily support nonprofits, volunteering is also a great option. 

Before you give to any nonprofit or charity, you should check that your values align with the organization’s mission. The three best ways to do this are:

All that said, every town likely has some amazing nonprofits–here are 3 awesome charities in Dubuque, Iowa.

3 Awesome Charities In Dubuque, Iowa

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a charity organization with branches all over the United States. The Dubuque Branch was founded in 1931 in response to the Great Depression and specialized in helping children in need. 

Since then, Catholic Charities has done an excellent job adapting its services to the needs of its community. In the 1940s-1950s it focused on refugee resettlement caused by WWII. From 1960-1990 it supported the community by providing mental health services and counseling programs, as well as affordable housing options for those in need.  

The Dubuque, Iowa Catholic Charities’ website states that its current focus is providing resources to immigrants, working with schools to offer school-based counseling services, and prison outreach.

Catholic Charities is, as the name suggests, a Catholic organization. While its charity work is rooted in Catholic beliefs, the website specifically states that Catholic Charities is interested in helping anyone in need–regardless of religious beliefs (or any other factor). 

It also ranks very positively on third-party, charity watchdog lists. Although the Dubuque, Iowa nonprofit organization branch does not have its own ranking because of its size, Catholic Charities ranks among the best nonprofits to give to nationally. 

Avery Foundation

The Avery Foundation is another great nonprofit in Iowa. Specially devoted to providing financial relief to cancer patients and their families, the Avery Foundation offers grants for a number of travel-related expenses for those seeking treatment. 

The organization was founded in memory of a sibling pair, James and Julie Avery, that passed away due to cancer. Last year, the Avery Foundation provided 250 grants for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 

“Cancer patients and their families shouldn’t have to scrape by…(we) alleviate stress by helping pay for unexpected travel expenses.”  

If you’re looking for Dubuque charities to give to, they accept donations on their website. You can also check out their fundraising events page.

Operation Empower

One other awesome nonprofit organization in Iowa is Operation Empower. Located in Dubuque, Operation Empower supports its community in several ways. 

Their primary mission is to provide permanent affordable housing to anyone in need–especially those in recovery. Outside of their housing project, they also offer other resources like financial planning help, extended education opportunities, and group therapy work. 

Their website says that they’re interested in: “Providing quality aftercare for those in recovery through housing, education, employment, and recovery-oriented services of care in a safe community setting so our residents can find healing and empowerment to succeed and give back to the community.” 

Aside from monetary donations, Operation Empower is actively looking for volunteers. If you live in the Dubuque, Iowa area and have skills that are relevant to their needs, consider volunteering.

They also have a page devoted entirely to “in-need” donations.


Nonprofits do important work for their communities. Charities and nonprofits don’t rely on government funding; they need local community members and business support to thrive. 

Contributing to your local nonprofits helps them make a difference in their communities.

If you’re looking to support nonprofit organizations in Iowa or any community, donations and volunteering are the most direct ways to contribute. 

Before you give money or time, make sure whatever organization you’re considering aligns with your values. Happy helping!

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