Volunteer With These Amazing Nonprofit Organizations

Volunteer With These Amazing Nonprofit Organizations

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to get more involved? Wondered how to support your community? Or about what nonprofits share your passions? Honestly, us too! That’s why we took a dive into nonprofit volunteer opportunities. Do you live in Wilmington, Raleigh, or Charlotte, NC? Or Providence, RI? How about Charleston, SC? If you do, you’re going to want to keep reading!

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Volunteer with nonprofit organizations in Wilmington, NC

There are great nonprofits in Wilmington! Explore nonprofit volunteer opportunities with everything from training dogs or spreading literacy. Also, see our post for more information about great Wilmington nonprofits to get involved with!

Monty’s Home

Monty’s Home provides support to pet owners whose animals are dealing with illness or approaching the end of life. In addition, they offer pet training programs and other activities that bring the joy of pets to their local community. Help them out by becoming a dog trainer or other opportunities. UniMovers Wilmington contributes each year to Monty’s Home themselves so we would love to see you get involved!

A brown and white dog going through training, which is a part of nonprofit volunteer work in Wilmington, NC

Cape Fear Literacy Council

Cape Fear Literacy Council provides personalized education to adults and children through programming and classes. In addition, they aim to break the cycle of illiteracy in families. Get involved by becoming a tutor with them.

Nonprofit volunteer opportunities in Providence, RI

Looking to volunteer with nonprofit organizations in Providence? We’ve got you covered! Help with art education, and veteran medical care, among many other passions. Also, for nonprofit volunteer opportunities in Providence, see our in-depth post!

New Urban Arts

New Urban Arts serves as an art studio for high school students. Also, their arts programs are free and empower young artists through mentoring relationships. Give back by becoming a mentor with them.

A girl painting during a mentorship program for nonprofit volunteer work in Providence, RI.

Hunter Seven Foundation

Hunter Seven Foundation serves veterans and their families. Also, they provide information to veterans at heightened risk for chronic illnesses and fund their medical expenses. In addition, they advocate for better healthcare for veterans through research and education. Help them by donating funds to their cause.

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Volunteer with these Charleston, SC nonprofit organizations

Do you live in Charleston? If so, get involved with these nonprofit volunteer opportunities in your area! Assist with everything from music education, to helping teachers. Also, for more great nonprofits in Providence, check out our blog!

Jazz Artists of Charleston

Jazz Artists of Charleston is dedicated to helping grow the passion for jazz music. Also, the organization helps foster a professional environment for Jazz musicians and artists. The organization also established the Charleston Jazz Academy in 2017 to provide jazz music education to the youth. You can donate funds to support children’s music education.

A man playing the saxophone as part of nonprofit volunteer work for music education in Charleston, SC.

Teacher’s Supply Closet

Teacher’s Supply Closet provides free school supplies in the tri-county area. Notably, about 71% of the students in this area utilize free/reduced lunch and come from low SES backgrounds. It is the only free teacher supply store in all of South Carolina. Help them out by donating learning materials.

Become a nonprofit volunteer in Raleigh, NC

There are several nonprofit volunteer opportunities in Raleigh. You can follow your passions from fighting homelessness to helping those with cancer. Below are some nonprofit volunteer opportunities in the area. If you live in Raleigh and want a more in-depth look at ways to get involved, check out our blog!

Family Promise of Wake County

Family Promise of Wake County is devoted to helping families experiencing homelessness find sustainable, permanent housing. Also, their greater goal is to end homelessness in Wake County. Give back by assisting with their daycare program.

A pink cancer ribbon as part of nonprofit volunteer work in Raleigh, NC.

Kimberly’s Touch

Kimberly’s Touch provides emotional and financial care for those battling cancer. In addition, their goal is to create a future where all cancer patients have adequate access to healthcare. Show them support by donating funds.

Ten Eighteen Uganda

Ten Eighteen Uganda is a nonprofit based in Raleigh, NC that aims to “effect a cultural shift in Uganda’s poorest communities to lift the youth and families out of a lifestyle of poverty and disease.” This is the nonprofit UniMovers Raleigh partners with for the annual donation!

Volunteer with nonprofit organizations in Charlotte, NC

Looking to volunteer with nonprofit organizations in Charlotte? There’s a lot to get involved with! Help out with everything from making and delivering nutritious meals to healthcare housing. In addition, check out our post for more nonprofits in Charlotte.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes focus on providing nutritious meals and groceries. Also, they aim to serve families struggling with short-term crises and the elderly. You can volunteer to become a home delivery driver with them.

Grocery bags filled with food as part of nonprofit volunteer work in Charlotte, NC.

Hospitality House of Charlotte

Hospitality House of Charlotte provides housing for families and patients going through a medical crisis. Also, they believe in equitable access to healthcare. In addition, they have housed over 66,000 people in need. You can volunteer to maintain their community garden.

Common nonprofit jobs

There are many ways to get involved with nonprofit organizations besides through volunteer work. As a matter of fact, nonprofits also offer job opportunities. Below are some common jobs in nonprofit organizations.

Senior management

People in these positions serve as the face of the organization. Also, they manage different departments of the org and keep things running smoothly.

Program coordinator

This position is great for people that like to be hands-on. They create programming for the nonprofit. In addition, they create volunteer opportunities and run workshops. Also, they help with developing events.

Development and funding

People in these positions keep the organization’s finances in order. Also, they create financial plans and reach out for donations. In addition, they host fundraisers.


This position is great for people that are good with words. Often, they create newsletters for the community. Also, they make sure all departments of the org stay connected. In addition, they help with social media pages.

Ways to get involved with nonprofit volunteer work

There are many ways to get involved! If you find your passion, then follow it to amazing opportunities.

  • Firstly, call the nonprofits to show support
  • Secondly, volunteer at their events
  • Additionally, share their social media posts
  • Also, tell your friends and family about them
  • Help them make flyers
  • In addition, collect supplies they need
  • Fundraise in your neighborhood
  • Also, help with grant writing

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