The Best 5 Raleigh Neighborhoods for 2022

The Best 5 Raleigh Neighborhoods for 2022

Skyline of Raleigh, NC from the Boylan Bridge

Making a home in North Carolina’s capital this year? You aren’t the only one. As a result, Raleigh/Durham is a busy, growing city, and ranked the number two place to live in the United States. Just two hours off the beautiful coast of eastern North Carolina, the ‘home of the pines’ is known for its numerous surrounding universities and growing career atmosphere. If you are planning to make the move to Raleigh and don’t know where to start, look no further! The best neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC are at your fingertips. We have created a Top 5 list of Raleigh neighborhoods to consider making your home in 2022. This one-stop info-shop ranks the five neighborhoods based on four individual criteria. This list is limited to the neighborhoods inside the I-440 Beltline loop surrounding downtown. This ensures that the criteria can be somewhat objective as real estate is an ever-changing field.

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1. Safety

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure; everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. The city of Raleigh has a relatively low crime rate when compared to the averages of other growing cities around the nation. In 2020, only 13.9 percent of crime was violent. Only 37.3 percent of crimes were committed against property. There is an interactive map linked to each of the neighborhoods that does a case-by-case breakdown of crimes. These maps allow potential movers to see the extent of the crimes around them. Safe reports mean better sleep at night, so that is why safety is at the top of the criteria list for the best Raleigh neighborhoods.

This is the safety key from SpotCrime.Com so, you are sure to feel safe checking in on a new neighborhood.
This is the safety key from so, you are sure to feel safe checking in on a new neighborhood.

2. Price

This criterion is subjective to each neighborhood because many real estate factors are considered when pricing a house. To make this category relative to each community, I located the market listings and found a median price for each neighborhood, therefore you know exactly what to expect. Trying times come and go for all of us, and when money is a factor, everyone is more comfortable knowing they are getting the bang for their buck.

3. Neighborhood Personality

If you are a young adult looking to start a family or a student that needs an upbeat environment, the personality of your neighborhood can help make you right at home. Because the personality of your neighborhood is important, I considered the homeowners association status, community events, and the communication between residents.

4. Proximity

Time is of the essence these days, and what is better than an extra 15 minutes on the snooze button because you live near all the action? This category will discuss entertainment as it relates to each neighborhood’s location. Read more about things to do in Raleigh.

#5: Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek trail entrance best Raleigh neighborhoods

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Why Walnut Creek?

Construction was just completed in 2007 for the fifth neighborhood on Raleigh’s Top 5 list. Because of this recent finish, Walnut Creek is a newer established community featuring family homes and quality comfortable living. Are you moving to the south for the good ole hospitality? Maybe you love the gorgeous southern scenery. Walnut Creek may be perfect for you! The southeast community welcomes members to find comfort in a quiet neighborhood just outside of all Raleigh has to offer.


Standing 54 percent lower than the national average in violent crimes, you are sure to feel safe in this community. Walnut Creek scores an A in area safety. Walnut Creek has no recent reported crimes via the interactive map. This fact is a deciding factor in ranking Walnut Creek on the top 5 2022 Raleigh neighborhood list.'s crime reporting map of Walnut Creek near Raleigh, NC.
All crime report screenshots are courtesy of


The median listing price for a house in the Walnut Creek area is roughly $254.5K, a number well below the average price of a downtown Raleigh home. With affordable options and the open-lot opportunity to build your dream home, the possibilities are endless in this suburb. 

Neighborhood Personality

Home to many single-families Raleigh’s Walnut Creek is an exceptional place to plant your roots. The Walnut Creek HOA includes common area maintenance and exterior maintenance, both convenient in keeping with the pace of a bustling city around you, further the reason to settle down here. If you are one that likes to get to know your neighbors, the outdoor areas of these beautiful homes are sure to welcome that memorial day BBQ with open arms! 

Operating virtually through the app ‘Nextdoor’ community communication is quick and relaxed. So, being able to adapt to all lifestyles is no issue in Walnut Creek. Because of the laid-back community, the Walnut Creek neighborhood may be ideal if you are looking for a laissez-faire sense of community to match your life. 


Like live music? Walnut Creek is your happy place just minutes away from the Coastal Credit Union at Walnut Creek. This outdoor amphitheater has housed many celebrities and music of all kinds. Early sleeper? The fun won’t interfere. There is a noise ordinance around the city to ensure a quality night’s rest right after the party! 

Additionally, golfers may love the area as it is a four-minute drive to Raleigh’s well-known Raleigh Country Club. 

Several local and quick dining options are available just moments away from this community. 

If you enjoy the great outdoors like many Carolinians, there’s a walking trail available for a stroll at your leisure. Because of the close range to all kinds of entertainment, there is something for someone of any age to enjoy!

#4: Five Points

Five Points Local point of view

Why Five Points?

Raleigh’s 4th best neighborhood in 2022 is Five Points. Because this is a quaint and suburb-ridden town, it is a great place to settle down in the downtown area. This neighborhood sits just two miles north of downtown. A happy medium between the quiet outskirts and the beautiful chaos that is city life.


With little criminal activity like others on our list, Five Points stands as one of Raleigh’s safest neighborhoods. The rate of violent crime is lower than in the city of Raleigh meaning that while it is still good to be aware, there are few major incidents in this area.'s crime reporting map of Five Points near Raleigh, NC.


The housing market in Five Points is about average. The median listing price of a home in this area is $650k, a relatively competitive price when considering other options of relatable location, safety, and the quality of life within the community. 

Neighborhood Personality

The personality of this neighborhood is sure to make you feel at home. Because many families find their ground here, there is a lot of community engagement. Like other modern neighborhoods, members keep in touch via NextDoor.

Further opportunities in the neighborhood are the active HOA and golf club association. Find lifelong friends by getting involved in all that the Five Points community has to offer. 


This change of pace offers relaxing amenities like a close walk to nature trails. There is a rich history surrounding the area of Five Points that is sure to make you love your home. The local theater just a few football fields in distance from the residential community is sure to have the whole crowd entertained. There are antique shops and farmer’s markets to explore around the area as well.

While leisure is important, everyday things are just as crucial. This neighborhood is surrounded by numerous grocery stores allowing quick access to essentials. 

#3: Mordecai

Mordecai House in Mordecai Neighborhood

Why Mordecai?

Raleigh’s oldest neighborhood with quick access to downtown and easy transportation makes its way to number three on our list. This location is affordable and trendy as the city grows rapidly. 


Aside from a few nearby arrests, Mordecai’s map is nearly spotless. This low-crime area is known for keeping trouble out. You are sure to feel safe at home in the beautiful neighborhood of Mordecai.'s crime reporting map of Mordecai near Raleigh, NC.


Being one of Raleigh’s most reasonably priced downtown options, it is no surprise Mordecai made our list. Mordecai’s median home listing price was $483k in January this year. 

This is a low median price when compared to the growing neighborhoods in the surrounding areas.

Neighborhood Personality

Mordecai is just one of several neighborhoods in Raleigh that is part of the Mordecai Community Action Coalition. This group of individuals works hard to keep the neighborhoods pristine and safe. You can even help your community give back by joining the Mordecai scrap metal recycling event. 

There are monthly meetings and newsletters to keep members of the surrounding neighborhoods in the loop about what’s happening with the coalition. The uniqueness of this community effort allows its members to meet people from farther around, promoting friendship and involvement.


The location of this neighborhood is arguably its most valuable asset. With public transportation on almost every corner, getting to and from your desired location is no problem when you live in Mordecai. Like other communities, the historic landmark that is Mordecai offers many educational entertainment options like a trip to the Mordecai house. 

Want to explore nature around your new home? Two large community parks are located just outside of Mordecai offering green space and a place for the whole family to enjoy an afternoon

#2: Cameron Park

Ariel view Cameron Park

Why Cameron Park?

Placing second on our list, the university community of Cameron Park is sure to keep your heart young and mind motivated. This neighborhood is just a few minutes Northwest of the heart of downtown and nearby all the neighborhood buzz.


Cameron Park is a safe student-occupied area of town. With no recent incidents in the direct proximity of residents and just a few petty crimes outside of the neighborhood limits, it is a sound assumption that living here is a safe option.'s crime reporting map of Cameron Park near Raleigh, NC.


Many housing options are available to members of the Cameron Park community. Housing people in all stages of life there is a fit for everyone. The median sale price for homes in this area is $1.2M as of January 2022. This average significantly decreases when looking for other types of housing, such as student living.                               

The elegance of this community and its opportune real estate help rank Cameron Park number two on the top 5 best Raleigh neighborhoods list.

Neighborhood Personality

Cameron Park has full-service HOA and member inclusivity, holding meetings to give their residents a voice. The community connects diverse groups of people from families to college students, making the personality of this area unmatched among other Raleigh competitors. 

Golfers will feel right at home in the neighborhood golf association. There is something for everyone to be a part of in Cameron Park!


If you are a student, you can not get much closer to campus than Cameron Park. Just a quick walk or bike ride to North Carolina State University. Nightclubs and bars scatter the nearby streets of Cameron Park, offering lots of fun when the sun goes down.

#1: Boylan Heights

Boylan Heights sign entry Raleigh

Why Boylan Heights?

The serene historic downtown community of Boylan Heights is Raleigh’s number one neighborhood in 2022 according to my list. Located just southeast of downtown, the timelessness of this community is enough to stay in the running against new modern and bustling neighborhoods. 


The Boylan Heights crime rate is lower than the city average. As the map shows Boylan Heights, there is just one recent reported incident in the area.

This is a positive outlook for the new year as we are so far, so good. With few reports thus far this year, Boylan Heights is ranked one of Raleigh’s top 5 neighborhoods in 2022.'s crime reporting map of Boylan Heights near Raleigh, NC.


Boylan Heights is a sought-after market housing some of Raleigh’s most historic architecture. The median listing price of the 2022 available homes in this area is $504.9K.

The downtown and historic atmosphere of this community plays a role in bang for your buck. Because so many different lifestyles find a home here, housing options like condos, townhomes, and single-family houses are available. 

When compared to the mean price of a home in downtown Raleigh, ($425K in January 2022) it is clear to see there are options for budgets of various sizes. So, if you need flexibility Boylan Heights may be the perfect fit for you!

Neighborhood Personality

The homeowners association of Boylan Heights is a welcoming group offering many get-to-know-your-neighborhood activities. Arguably, the most anticipated event is the Artwalk, where community members meander through their streets and meet local artists in the area. More than ever now, a sense of community is vital as we actively emerge from pandemic restrictions.

Another way to get involved in this community is their monthly association meetings. Whether you attend or receive the memo, it is refreshing to know what is going on in the community around you.

Have a side hustle? Boylan Heights is the community encouragement you need. The February 2022 newsletter included contact information for a community member skilled in fixing broken bikes. The unique neighborhood opportunities help rank Boylan Heights as Raleigh’s 2022 best neighborhood.


Just under 2 miles from downtown and dozens of restaurants and bars, access to new flavors is not limited for residents of Boylan Heights. Additionally to the night scene, there are gyms, auto repair shops, two local theaters, and a kid’s museum for all your everyday needs! Each of these attractions is within a 5-mile radius from your potential future home.

Your Future Awaits

Moving to a new city is always a time full of excitement and a little bit of stress. The transition becomes easier the more you are familiar with your location. This list offers the perfect starting point for anyone looking to settle down in Raleigh, NC. Ranking each neighborhood based on safety, price, neighborhood personality, and proximity to all the local food and entertainment. Our list narrows down Raleigh’s five best neighborhoods for 2022. If you are as sold on these Raleigh neighborhoods as we are, its time to book a move to NC’s heart.

Our top picks for the best neighborhoods in Raleigh were:

  • Boylan Heights
  • Cameron Park 
  • Mordecai 
  • Five Points
  • Walnut Creek 


Is Raleigh, NC safe?

Raleigh, NC has one of the lowest crime rates of growing cities in the state. Additionally, many Raleigh neighborhoods utilize watch programs and neighborhood safety committees to keep the community protected.

What is the best neighborhood in Raleigh?

According to our list, Boylan Heights is Raleigh’s nicest neighborhood for 2022.

Where should I live in Raleigh, NC?

Raleigh has lots to offer for new and local residents. The neighborhoods inside Raleigh’s Beltline offer close proximity to entertainment and unmatched neighborhood personality.

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