What Are Some Charities That Pick Up Donations? There Are More Than You Think

What Are Some Charities That Pick Up Donations? There Are More Than You Think

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Moving is the perfect opportunity to do something new with your space. While the moving process is more than stressful, there are many opportunities to do what you want aesthetically with your new home.
This can be exciting until you remember all of the old furniture or items that just don’t make the cut for what you’re planning to do with your new place.
While the overload of old stuff may be daunting, there is a productive way to deal with what you want to get rid of, and that is donating!
Donating is a great way to get rid of all that stress you’ve tacked on by pursuing your inner interior designer.
However, not all charities are the same. Some pick up donations, and others don’t. It’s important to know who will serve your interests best when it comes to donating. Also, some charities pick up furniture while others do not.
If you’re here you’re looking for a charity that does the work for you so you can pick up the slack elsewhere, we got you!

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Charities that pick up donations

Here we’re focusing on charities that pick up donations, but not furniture. These companies either pick up quickly or simply do not have the space to take on furniture.

PickUp Please

Pickup Please is an organization that assists the Vietnam Veterans of America.
They take clothing, household goods, books, shoes, and small household appliances.
If you’re moving quickly, then this is the place for you! They can pick up a donation in just 24 hours. They have locations in the South, West, and East coasts, and a few in the Midwest.
They stress that they only pick up donations that can be carried by one person. Anything large will not be accepted.


This is another charity that helps the Vietnam Veterans of America. They take clothing as the name suggests. They also take household goods.
Pickups can be scheduled online. This charity also participates in the resale of items, which can fund veterans’ livelihoods as well.
This organization also accepts more practical donations rather than items like musical instruments. This pickup may take longer than PickUp Please.

Charities picking up donations

Charities that Pick Up Donated Furniture

The Salvation Army

When you think of donating to a charity, this one likely comes to mind.
The Salvation Army has been around since 1865, and they are still going strong. Luckily, they are one of the charities that pick up donations.
They will take just about anything that you have to offer. They are also one of the few charities that pick up donated furniture regardless of size.
They help with almost any under-served demographic—victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, natural disasters, and more.
A pickup can be scheduled online quickly by providing your zip code.


Goodwill is a bit of a special case because they provide pick-up services, but only under certain circumstances. Not every Goodwill picks up donations.
Goodwills that pick up donations specify that it must be large, heavy furniture. Anything that you could do yourself must be brought in.
This is likely due to the fact they aim to connect people who have trouble getting a job with employment. These people may have disabilities that keep them from moving things like furniture or other donations.
However, don’t rule them out as an option for the charities that pick up donations.
Check the website with your zip code to see if yours is a Goodwill that picks up donations.

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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is another charity that picks up donations. They are a charity that mostly picks up donated furniture.
They are a special case as well since you need to contact a Habitat ReStore for pickup. These stores have building and home materials to rebuild homes for people.
They sell these items at a discounted price.  This goes hand-in-hand with the org’s mission to renovate homes. They are looking for large items like furniture and appliances.
To schedule a pick-up, enter your zip code on their site and find your closest store.

The Arc

The Arc helps those with mental disabilities by providing them with resources. They help people with Autism to people with Fragile X Syndrome.
The non-profit sells donations at their thrift store, like Goodwill and Salvation Army.
Proceeds go to the work they do. They need everything from clothes and furniture to books and used cars. If you want to schedule a free pick-up then you should contact your local Arc.


If you have no other options, this is the best place to turn!
This website connects you with charities that pick up donations. Many of them offer drop-offs as well.
All you have to do is enter your zip code. You will have to put information about what you are planning to donate and when.
This way they can connect you with the best organization for your needs. They market as being one of the easiest ways to connect with non-profits or charities that pick up donations.

Charities That Pick Up Donated Items

Hopefully, this list significantly helps with your decision on where to donate your items.
Once you’ve scheduled your pick-up you’ll likely just leave your donations on your curb and wait for the workers to come by.
Keep in mind some of these non-profits and charities have criteria of how you should leave your donations out, so be sure to read their instructions.
To recap these charities will pick up any donations that aren’t furniture:

  • PickUp Please
  • ClothingDonation.Org

And these charities will pick up all kinds of donations including furniture:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • The Arc
  • PickUpMyDonation.com

Happy donating!

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