Moving To Charlotte NC: Renters Guide

Moving To Charlotte NC: Renters Guide

Skyline in Charlotte NC

While it is the most populous city in North Carolina and a developing urban center, Charlotte retains its Southern charm and hospitality, all while being a lovely melting pot of cultures and customs. Those moving to Charlotte, North Carolina will find its’ many diverse neighborhoods are made up of people from all over the country and beyond.  Everyone is welcome and can easily become part of Charlotte’s eclectic community. The community is passionate about cultural events and up-and-coming artists, the economy and financial sector, and the latest sports events. 

This urban center is the third fastest-growing large city in the country and that fast-paced development attracts many people. If you’re looking to move to Charlotte NC, know competition for apartments is fierce! It’s best to get started with your research ASAP. This guide should help you in knowing everything you need to as a soon-to-be renter when moving to Charlotte NC.

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Real Estate Market Overview

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Being a renter comes with flexibility that should not be overlooked. If it’s your first time living in Charlotte, or you’re just now moving to Charlotte NC, it’s likely you’ll want to rent around and get the feel of the city and its many neighborhoods before deciding to settle down in a certain place. When you’re looking for apartments, it’s important to first get to know the market, so here are some details to keep in mind.

Housing costs in Charlotte NC

The average rent in Charlotte is around $1,290 per month, but prices vary according to location and apartment size. A studio apartment can start for as low as $800 a month, or around $1,200 in central Charlotte. You can also find a 2-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood that’s further from downtown at around $950. So, prices really depend on what you need from the apartment you’re searching for. However, if you’re looking to become a homeowner, the median price for a home in Charlotte is around $330K. 

Rent trends in Charlotte NC

Neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

Although life is lived at a fast pace in the heart of the city, there are many different neighborhoods in Charlotte, ready to fit all lifestyles. You can investigate their location a bit more with this map. Many areas have a suburban feel and are rather family-friendly, including Concord, Mint Hill, and Huntersville. For those looking for a more artistic, bohemian neighborhood, NoDa is the perfect home, with its prolific arts scene and eclectic mix of buildings. Young professionals would likely enjoy Ballantyne—home to Ballantyne Corporate Park. Ballantyne is a dream destination, with a mix of office and residential space, as well as great schools.

If you’re looking for neighborhoods that are close to the city center, Myers Park or Dilworth could be perfect. Both areas are adorned with historical buildings and have a rich cultural heritage despite being close to Charlotte’s heart of innovation. Yet, if you want to be in the middle of the action, Uptown is the place for you. It encompasses both Charlotte’s downtown area and the central business district, so you’re sure to be close to many headquarters and experience a truly urban center.

Tips for finding an apartment in Charlotte NC

When you’re browsing for apartments, you will first want to create a budget, so that you can filter through the options and find your best fit. To that end, first, decide on a location. Are you going to work remotely? If so, you might want to rent a larger apartment closer to the suburbs of Charlotte. If you need to go to an office, then consider finding an apartment that’s close to public transit options. Charlotte residents are rather dependent on cars and public transport to move around, so keep that in mind. 

After deciding where you’ll live, decide on the amount of space you need. Are you renting solo, with family, or with roommates? Determine how many rooms you need to have for comfortable living, but don’t go too big, as that will only end up costing you more in terms of both rent and utilities. After prioritizing your needs, you can actually use a rent calculator tool to help you out in determining your budget. 

Start your search early to get a feel of the market, but not too early. You don’t want to fall in love with an apartment that will be unavailable by the time you’re moving. Use a secure platform, with verified listings, so that you steer clear of rental scams. This is especially true if you’re coming in from a different state or country, or you don’t have as much experience renting. Remember to also check your credit score before moving to make sure your rental application will be approved. In Charlotte, you would need an average of 670 or higher to get approved. Although, as more people come in and competition gets tougher, you might need a higher credit score. 

Cost of Living in Charlotte NC

Charlotte has the reputation of being affordable for a large city. The estimated cost of living for a single person (excluding rent) would be around $960 per month. Since it is a big city, there is no shortage of restaurants or delivery options, and if you cook at home, you’ll likely drive that bill down. Utilities average at around $150 without internet (which depends on your provider and preferred bundle). A one-way ticket for public transit in Charlotte is around $2.20, whereas a monthly pass is around $87. Sometimes you can get lucky and deals on public transit as well.

Charlotte has a rapidly developing job market, being home to many corporate headquarters. There are a lot of jobs in finance since it’s the second-largest banking center in the U.S. As such, you’ll likely find a good job to help you cover these bills. 

Employment & Education

Speaking of the job market, many companies call Charlotte their East Coast home, including Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Centene Corporation. The city spans a very diverse job market including companies from the food industry, packaging, transportation, and retail companies. Charlotte is also home to the country’s Formula One team, and it is a large center for the motorsports industry. Charlotte is home to many energy-oriented organizations, and is called “The New Energy Capital.” It houses more than 240 energy-related companies. The top employers in the city are Atrium Health, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Bank of America, Duke Energy, and the city of Charlotte. 

For students moving to Charlotte, NC for educational opportunities, or for those moving with family, Charlotte has many diverse options. The public school system serving Charlotte is the second-largest in the state, and it is recognized as a high-quality educational system. There are many colleges and universities in Charlotte as well, including the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the Queens University of Charlotte, and the Central Piedmont Community College. For those interested in research, the North Carolina Research Campus is located to the northeast of Charlotte, and it includes both universities and corporate entities that have the same goal: to improve research and development and help support advancements in different fields. 

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Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has plenty to offer everyone. Its museums, for instance, are eclectic and diverse. You can enjoy a relaxing afternoon admiring the art galleries of Mint Museum, engaging with mind-stimulating, interactive exhibitions at the Discovery Place Science, or have fun at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. For history buffs, the Levine Museum of the New South is the perfect destination for a quick history lesson on North Carolina and the South. 

Relax and disconnect from the busy world in one of Charlotte’s lovely parks. This includes the very central Freedom Park just south of downtown or First Ward Park in Uptown. The larger McDowell Nature Center and Reserve is a center for preserving local flora and fauna and a perfect destination for camping and hiking. For more entertainment, head to the Hornets Nest Park. Here you can enjoy many sports fields and courts, as well as a BMX track, disc golf, and fishing lakes. 

Lastly, after enjoying your day in the city, you need to delight in Charlotte’s restaurant scene! From authentic Southern comfort food and traditional dishes to niche local boutiques serving either pastries or only vegan and vegetarian options, you can find everything you like. Grill, delis, and even fast food are very popular options and fun experiences. If you’re looking for fancy meals and a trendy atmosphere, there are plenty of options waiting for you in Uptown, NoDa, or Dilworth. 

Although it’s rapidly developing, Charlotte is still very easy to love and call home. The city has a place for everyone, whether you’re moving to Charlotte alone, with family, with kids, or with friends. You won’t get bored in a place like this! 

Moving Companies in Charlotte, NC

Of course, when you move, you will likely need to find an affordable moving company in Charlotte NC. There are plenty of options when looking for movers in Charlotte. We recommend determining a budget and shopping around to find a good choice. Finding a good moving company is not as hard as it may seem. Just take a look at the company’s reviews, and you’ll certainly find a high-quality moving company for your needs.

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  1. I am not seeing a date on this article, but I would love to know how the prices compare to the national average now. I keep hearing rumblings that it’s becoming more expensive. Building houses seems to be the rage because of rental prices.

    1. Charlotte is definitely growing, and residents (and renters) are recognizing that there is only so much room in Charlotte. I definitely expect rent to climb in the near future without any government intervention. It’s a great real estate opportunity! But to answer your question, yes, this post is up to date as of April 2021, but we’ll be sure to update periodically as prices increase. 🙂

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    All is not welcome!! I’m so sad people like Northerners ha e discovered Charlotte NC because now rent is super high and it’s going to turn into NY Cali ATL vibe it’s going to lose its southern charm! Been in Charlotte since 2005 and I will be moving to a smaller city like what Charlotte use to be! Hope no one follows! So sad for Charlotte right now! 🙁 Northerns are here with the crazy bat driving n blowing the horns wish they would go back to the North with that B!!!ish

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