Ultimate Guide to Moving Companies That Pack for You

Ultimate Guide to Moving Companies That Pack for You

A moving company that packs putting furniture away

Once you’ve decided to move and your trip is coming up, it’s time to start packing. The difficult part is knowing where to start and how to pack. You may be wondering if moving companies will pack for you. To put it simply, yes, there are moving companies that will pack your stuff and some will also move your belongings. This relieving news then begs the question, what kind of moving service do I need? And how much am I willing to spend? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more!

Why Should I Hire Movers That Pack?

There are many reasons you may feel like hiring full-service movers or hiring packers is necessary.

For one thing, moving is stressful, and if you are on a time crunch then having some extra professional help may make a world of difference.

Sifting through items and packing them properly is another process too. You may not know what to throw out, how to pack certain items, or how to fit everything together. Hiring movers that pack your stuff can combat this worry.

Moving Companies That Pack

The following is a list of companies that will only pack your things. The benefits of someone coming and packing for you include less stress and knowing that who you hired knows how to safely pack all items. This means that during the actual move, your items will be more protected from harm.

These companies will likely have more supplies for things like transporting a flat screen or any other valuables.

Two Men And A Truck

Okay, they technically do more than just packing, but they have a separate packing service, which is why they made the list. Also, they are available most anywhere, which is convenient for people in most situations.

Two Men And A Truck is large, so the packers receive background checks before they come to your house to pack. They also are on the slightly cheaper side of things.

The only downside is that their quotes are not always exact. Things can get muddy depending on your required services, but they’re reliable outside of this.

Task Rabbit

While this company does a multitude of services, they do offer packing and unpacking.

Task Rabbit matches you up with qualified service providers based on your task and its criteria.

It’s perfect for those on a budget, and often for people who need packing done sooner rather than later.

This site also gives you more of a say in who exactly you are hiring.

Moving Companies That Pack And Move

If you’re looking for labor-only or full-service movers, look no further.

There are plenty of companies that offer every part of a move and more.

Your only choice depends on your budget and the kind of experience you want.


UniMovers is a unique, labor-only moving company which offers more than just a flexible, affordable move. They offer hourly unpacking and packing.

To request packing and unpacking services, you just need to do designate the additional service on your booking form. Since we charge hourly, you will only pay for the time our guys are on site providing services whether that’a packing, loading, or assembly (and their counterparts!). Meaning, there are no hidden charges or fees for the separate services we offer.

Looking to move soon?

Check out UniMovers and save 30-50% on your move as compared with traditional moving!

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

This moving company does it all. They will pack your things and move you in and out.

College Hunks also offer junk removal, so if you’re able to go through and remove junk from your home, they can take care of that for you as well. They offer upfront rates and have positive customer service reviews.

International Van Lines

International Van Lines is considered an all-around great full-service moving company.

They give upfront estimates. This company offers services in many cities, so getting their services should be easy. They will also do long-distance and short-distance moves. News sources also rate them positively on their efficiency, precision, and friendliness.

You’re Ready to Get Started

Now that you have some advice on where to look for companies that pack, you’re all set to get started! You have all the essential information on how to pursue a move where you need packers. Best of luck!


Do I have to choose between a full-service move and a packing service?

No, not at all. There are plenty of moving companies that let you pick different services and make adjustments based on your needs. If you’re unsure, simply call the prospective moving company.

What if I only want packers for a specific room or item?

That is totally possible. That request can usually be made on a booking form or during the phone call to schedule your move.

Can I help pack with my packers?

Some moving companies that pack do allow you to help pack your things with their workers. However, you should check before you start helping them pack. They may want to give you some guidance before you begin helping.

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