How to Make an Office Move Fun for Employees

How to Make an Office Move Fun for Employees

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An office space is usually busy. There may be some general chaos, so an office move can certainly add to that stress. The last thing employees want to think about during tight deadlines and office expectations is having to pack up all of their files, work, and belongings to move to a new space. However, moving with office employees can be fun, even rewarding.

An office move just takes some creativity, patience, and hard work to attain a favorable outcome.

Hype Up The New Space

Humans are creatures of habit. It is understandable that some employees are going to be hesitant or do not want to move at all.  Something that can make the office move fun, however, is sharing all the cool details of the new space.

If the building is close to a great shopping/restaurant district that can be a morale booster. Employees can get an idea of what they have to look forward to in the area around their office.

 A good view from the space may help as well. Having something nice to look at during work hours can boost productivity.  

If there are any accentuating features of the building that are noteworthy or if the office will have fun new perks, sharing this with your employees will grow the excitement. They can plan out how they want to organize the space. You can also consider holding votes on the floor plan if the concept of the office is a more open floor plan.

Create A Reward System

Office moving takes consideration and care. Similarly, so does a reward system. 

A reward system may be a way to increase moving productivity and excitement.  While it may seem childish at first, rewards for those who sign up to help on moving day, pack boxes, or complete certain tasks can ensure a quick move. 

Consider providing food, gift cards to restaurants or coffee shops, or company merch for those who help. This can be set up through a Signup Genius, Google Doc, or physical form.

One downside to this may be that some people may decide to take on more than others. While they will be getting rewards, they may feel overwhelmed or that the system is unfair. Consider setting up a limit to how many things one employee can take on.

Throw an Office Warming Party to Make an Office Move Fun

Another exciting thing you can do when moving with office employees is throw a party.

If a reward system does not seem your speed, or it may not feel like something that suits your company, you can throw an office warming party. This is a great way to decrease moving tension among staff.

You can have employees sign up to bring certain items or delegate them yourself.  You can also use this party to let people set up their things and get acquainted with the new place. Not only will allowing staff to bring foods they enjoy encourage bonding and excitement, but it will also give them something to look forward to when the new space is ready to be worked in.

Letting your employees move their things in during this time will also help with the moving process and decrease stress on your part as you balance the ins and outs of the office moving.

Office Moving with Moving Companies

Sometimes an office is just too large to be moving with office employees. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to involving movers.

You could rent a truck from a moving company if the other options sound just as appealing as this one.

There are student-run moving companies in many cities. UniMovers is just one example. These smaller companies consider things like upholding the community and fair prices for moving.

There are also other moving companies that can accommodate almost any need that your company may have. Bigger companies may require more fees but may have the resources that you need.

 A way to involve employees in this process is to give them the moving company options with pros and cons and have workers vote on which option they would prefer.

Finding a moving company may take some more research and add to your stress but will take the stress off your employees.

Moving With Office Employees

Whatever route you decide to take on moving day, keeping your employees in mind during office moving is crucial.

Productivity and good work decrease unhappiness and stress. Hopefully, these options will add some fun to a typically dreary process.

Whether that be having an office warming or creating some friendly competition, your employees will thank you for implementing one or more of these ideas in the office space.

Now you can feel confident that you can make an office move fun.

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