Changing Your Mailing Address When Moving and How To Do It

Changing Your Mailing Address When Moving and How To Do It

Person dropping mail after changing mailing address

Great! It’s two weeks before the big move. You’re feeling good about where you are in your packing. Things are clean or on their way to being so. You’ve taken care of almost any loose end that you could have possibly forgotten. You’ve just been on top of it! Then, you realize that you have skipped over something: changing your mailing address.

You get a sense of dread thinking of your bills and other important notices turning up at the wrong doorstep and wonder if you even have enough time to change your address in time for those important documents. You begin to think of how you’re going to pick up your mail. Luckily, changing your mailing address when moving is extremely simple, and takes no time at all. There are a number of ways to change it from online, over the phone, to in person.

Changing Your Mailing Address When Moving

So, you’ve realized you need to change your mailing address, but you’re not sure where to do it. Most of the time it can be done online.

Start by checking things like your subscriptions: magazines, food services, and anything else that may rely on arriving in the mail. Try visiting the website of the service you need to update and see if you can update your address under the profile or the settings icons. You can also check the FAQ section of the sites. If the option is not there, then you may have to call.

Since you are already changing your mailing address, this may be a good time to visit places like Amazon to update your location. This also depends if you’re planning on ordering anything before your move. This may also mean changing what pharmacy you use to get regular prescriptions.

Changing Your Address: Post Office

The post office is a different story. Changing your address at the post office can be done in two ways: online and in-person.

Online is done instantly. You will also be given a code to cancel or change your address change. Coupons will arrive at your new address. However, this method of changing your mailing address has a drawback, you will be charged a $1.10 fee. If that deters you, the second option still exists.

You can head to your local post office and change it there. When changing your address at the post office, you can head to the front desk, ask for a Mover’s Guide packet, and fill out the 3575 form. This option is completely free, and it may have other helpful information in the mover’s guide. The in-person change will take more time to go into effect. Therefore, this should be done as soon as possible.

Changing Your Address: License

Changing your address on your license is trickier. This change relies on state protocol and laws. Some places are more particular than others.

Unimovers serves Iowa, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In Iowa, you will need to visit the closest Iowa Driver’s License Service Center (In-State) or the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division office (Out-of-state) with documents proving your identification, SSN, your new address, citizenship, and any name changes, license and registration. If you’re moving to the state, you will need to pay $10, but out-of-state, the fee will be $4/year.

In North Carolina, you will need your driver’s license, SSN, $13, your license plate number, the last five characters on the vehicle title, and your e-mail address. If you’re moving out of state, you will have to pay $5/year.

In South Carolina, you can change your address license online or at the DMV. You will need your driver’s license, SSN, proof of identity and citizenship, any legal name changes, and two documents proving residency. If you’re out of state, you can pay $12.50 for a five-year license or $25 for an eight-year license.


Now that you’re completely caught up on changing your mailing address when moving. It is much easier than you may have expected, and hopefully, that calms your stress when it comes to this small item.

You know how to change your address at the post office, on your driver’s license in some of the states that UniMovers services, and anywhere else you may need an update. Hopefully, any stress that you felt has melted away, and the transition can become smoother.

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Maura De Cicco attends the University of Iowa as a Journalism and Anthropology student. She plans to pursue a strategic communications track when it comes to writing, and an archaeology track when it comes to Anthropology.