Everything You Need to Know About Hiring A Mover

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring A Mover

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Whether you’re looking for a group to help you move a few items or pack your entire space, it’s important to know what to look for in a good moving company best fit for your move. Each move is different but hiring a mover right for you will lead to a stress-free relocation for everyone involved.

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Know What You Need From the Moving Company

Before you can find any potential moving company, it’s important to know exactly what you need from the movers. Do I need the movers to help pack? Are there any assembling or dissembling items that I need help with? Would I like to be home when their working or away? This will lead you to the most realistic and accurate estimates, so ultimately you won’t spend more than you need, and your movers will appreciate the honesty. 

Recommendations, Who Can I Trust?

  1. Begin with recommendations from friends and family.
  2. Check reviews online. 
  3. Use the state associations of movers
  4. Know what movers are right for you

All linked resources have details on what sites to use, plus what the association or bureau advises. 

Estimates, and Only Free Estimates

Don’t Pay for an Estimate

Quality movers will offer free estimates that are detailed and transparent. Post-pandemic many companies can give an estimate online. Movers can decide cost based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the weight or the square footage of your items, distance of the move, potential gas expense, and labor cost. The article “how movers charge for their services” is a superb resource for a greater description of estimated charges.

Three Times a Charm

Get estimates from at least three movers, comparing cost, liabilities, contracts, and reviews. All estimates should be detailed and accurate. The rule of three will help to identify a range of estimates, and potentially detect the overpriced or ‘too good to be true’ movers to avoid. 

Types of Estimates

There are three types of estimates; a “non-binding estimate”, “binding not-to-exceed estimate” and “binding estimate”. Know what type of estimate they offer before hiring a mover as the varied estimates can mean costs are finalized or flexible. 

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Three Types of Moving Estimates

  1. The “non-binding estimate” means the movers cannot require you to pay any more than 10% above the original estimate. Any additional payments within that 10% must be paid within 30 days of delivery.
  2. The “binding not-to-exceed estimate” assures that you will not pay for any more than the original estimate. The estimate is the maximum amount you are required to pay the movers.   
  3. The “binding estimate” is similar to the prior as the estimate given is the guaranteed price, for all the agreed-upon services. If there are additional services needed on the day of the move, such as dissembling, unpacking, etc., you will have to pay the overages within 30 days of delivery.  
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Tips for Hiring a Mover

What to Look For in a Moving Company

  • Offers all your needed services.
  • A strong number of good reviews or trusted recommendations 
  • Detailed, clear, and free estimates. 
  • Quick and high-quality communication 
  • Verified by the Better Business Bureau

What to Avoid in a Moving Company

  • Unclear in their services provided.
  • No physical address or phone number online, or you can only use a “Contact Us” feature or button.
  • Estimates that are “guaranteed” or ‘too good to be true.’  
  • No reviews online.

Final Tips and Resources

You Can Negotiate 

If you receive a lower estimate from a different company than your top choice of movers, present the estimate details and look for areas in which you can negotiate. Ares to discuss could include different move dates, or a reduced rate if you offer extra supplies. 

Best Time for Decreased Prices 

The off-season for movers is September through April, so prices may be decreased from their peak summer months. If you do need to move in the summer, consider scheduling your move during a weekday if you’re available. Prices may be better than a Friday – Sunday move. 

Do your research!

You are your best research, use everything around you; reviews, friends, phone calls, and ask questions. 

Ask Questions

Can extra fees be charged? Does this company offer coverage options? What do you need from me if I need to cancel? The answer to your questions can provide you with clarity and an insight into the quality of the business. 

If Anything Goes Wrong, There’s a Phone Number for That 

You can always call the consumer complaints hotline at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, at 888-368-7238.

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