How-To Guide: Three Ideas For Moving Out of College

How-To Guide: Three Ideas For Moving Out of College

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At the end of a semester, with finals, graduation, and job planning, moving comes quick and is always trying. Moving out of your college dorm or apartment, shouldn’t be. While there are a few options on how to move, planning ahead and learning the best way to move for you will help reduce the stress of moving out. Consider moving, shipping, or storing, when moving in or out of state while in college.

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1. Moving Your Items with You

Transporting everything home or to another location will take some time and planning, but doing it well and with organized people will help to reduce the stress of the last day.

Hiring Movers

Hiring professional movers is a great choice considering their expertise in weather, timeline, care for large, small, and fragile items, and most importantly safety. The best recommendation is if you have a short time, large or fragile items, and you’re moving from an out-of-state college or more than 20 minutes away, utilizing professional movers may be best for you. Keep in mind what you need and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Additionally, a lot of moving companies offer student discounts to help.

Types of Professional Movers

Depending on how involved you would like to be in the labor of the move and your available expense, there are two different types of movers you could hire within the types of movers that are right for you.

Full-Service Mover

While more expensive, full-service movers can reduce your stress during the day physically and mentally, and give you the opportunity to lead and plan your move to be more organized. Differing companies can offer packing, loading, and transportation. So, if you want to minimize the amount of work for you, a full-service mover can take care of everything while you (try to) relax.

Labor Only Movers

Labor-only moving is a great, affordable alternative to full-service. Labor-only moves everything into your own or a rented truck so you can remain in control of the transportation of the items. There are plenty of labor-only moving companies, and most full-service moving companies offer just labor as well. The greatest benefit of labor-only movers besides their professional care of your items is the amount you will save in comparison to a full-service move.

DIY Move Out (MIY)

If you’re not moving too far out of college and you don’t have too many large or fragile items call up some friends to help you move. Schedule a time and day to bring everyone together then offer them lunch as payment in your new place. Make sure everything is moved carefully and you have enough room in vehicles to get everything in as few trips as possible. Most importantly, if you have large or fragile items, stay safe and move carefully!

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2. Storing Your College Room in Town

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Instead of moving or shipping everything home before you return again in the fall, consider getting a local storage unit. Units can have leases for years or months, depending on your needs, and for all the things you won’t need over the summer a storage unit can serve as an easy way to keep your things safe while minimizing the stress of moving. This can be especially essential if you are moving out of state in college.

  • To reduce stress: hire labor-only services to help you move everything into your storage unit if you have heavy furniture or a lot of items. Using professional help will save greater worries in the end.
  • To reduce cost: search for a storage facility that offers student discounts or find a friend to spilt a storage unit with. Then, get access to your storage unit before finals are over so you can slowly move your things the make move-out day less hectic.

3. Shipping Your College Room Home

If you’re moving a plane ride away and you don’t have room in your personal luggage, shipping can be the best option to minimize trips. Companies still have a liability to keep things safe while you don’t have to worry about transportation. Depending on the service you use, common shipping methods vary in price and service. Some offer to help you pack or pick up your boxes for you. If you do need help, labor-only movers can move out your college items with you.

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Moving Supplies You Need & Where To Get Them

Step 1: Figure out how you will be moving out. Step 2: Grab all the things you need to move ahead of time.

Here is an easy checklist (and places to get them!) of common and necessary packing supplies. Then don’t forget to stay organized and check off your own list of moving needs.

Tips For Moving

  • Start packing before your finals begin
    • During your last semester start packing as the seasons change or before your schedule gets too busy with finals.
  • Get all the necessary moving supplies ahead of time
    • Moving out of college happens quickly after the last day of exams, so plan ahead of time to reduce stress.
  • Create an Essentials Pack
    • Everything can be set into groups of what you need during the summer/move and things you don’t need until the fall/move in.
  • If you haven’t used it in the last 8 months, let it go and let someone else love it.
    • Take the time to declutter. Moving is the best time to purge, a simple rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in the last 8 months, let it go and let someone else love it.
  • Recycle and donate!
    • There are recycling and donation centers in every state, and a variety of different centers that will accept everything from clothes to furniture to electronics. Some will even offer pick-up.

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