The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC city skyline under cloudy sky

Looking for the big city life without sacrificing the suburban setting? These are the best and safest neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC for you! Whether you want to be right in the middle of the city bustle or live on the outskirts, Charlotte’s got it all to offer.
From everyday families, CEOs, and even some of the world’s biggest celebrities, Charlotte is home to people from all walks of life.
Here is your guide to living in Queen City!

Uptown Charlotte

View of uptown, one of the safest neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC
Uptown Charlotte from Romare Bearden Park

Also known as Downtown Charlotte, the Uptown area is where you can be right in the middle of this busy city. Look around and you’ll find the headquarters of several large global companies, professional sports stadiums, and concert arenas.


Uptown has a rich history many don’t know about, even the name itself is historical. In the early 1700s, the Uptown area was a popular Native American trading path. When settlers would visit this booming town center, they would say, “I’m going up to town”, which later evolved into, “I’m going Uptown”.
In 1974 Charlotte City Council decided to officially name this Charlotte suburb Uptown. The city then grew out of Trade and Tryon Streets, which is where you can find the biggest businesses today.
Fun fact, Charlotte is referred to as the “Queen City” because the settlers named it after King George III’s wife Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz to stay in his good graces.


Most of the residential areas can be found in Uptown’s First and Fourth Wards of the city. While there are homes in the Second and Third Ward, these areas are mainly for government, historic preservation, and industries.

First Ward

In the First Ward, you’ll find an array of condos, apartments, and public housing, all nestled beside the skyscrapers of the city. The average price of homes in this city as of this year is $325K, an affordable way to live in the city without sacrificing your bank account. Most of the residential buildings and neighborhoods in this area are all on the same street or block, creating a large, welcoming community. First Ward is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.

Fourth Ward

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of proximity to the city and the quietness of the suburbs, Fourth Ward is the place for you. Sitting on the outskirts of the historic district, the Fourth Ward is lined with charming Victorian houses. The average housing price for this neighborhood is around $350K. The neighborhood has been revitalized and is within walking distance of Uptown’s best restaurants. Despite its proximity to the big city, Fourth Ward is another one of the safest neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.


There are several schools within the city such as Irwin Academic Center, Metro School, Charlotte Lab School, Lower School, and Charlotte Mecklenburg School. Although school-aged children are more likely to go to school on the outskirts of the city, there are more options and availability in Uptown.

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Uptown has every kind of entertainment you could want, and even better, it’s all within walking distance. If you’re not up for a walk though, Charlotte is also known for its electric scooters, and electric train system called the light rail. Here is a list of some of the many things to do in Uptown Charlotte.

  • Visit the Mint Museum
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Romare Bearden Park
  • The Epicentre
  • Watch the Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium
  • Catch a Charlotte Hornets game or concert at the Spectrum Center
  • Watch the Charlotte Knights at the Truist Field
  • Becthler Museum of Modern Art


Ballantyne Village
Ballantyne Village

A new upscale neighborhood conveniently located on the North and South Carolina border in Charlotte is Ballantyne. It is a great location for avid golfers, as there are many courses nearby. It also has a lot of appeal for weddings and fine dining!


This newly booming residential neighborhood was originally a hunting tract owned by the Harris family. In 1992 the family decided to turn it into a corporate park. This is where the Village at Ballantyne is today. You’ll find many restaurants and businesses occupying the buildings.
Also in the neighborhood is the Ballantyne Country Club which was built in the 1990s along with the Ballantyne Hotel following it in 2001.


In this neighborhood just outside of Charlotte, you can find everything from family-style starter homes to mansions. The average housing price as of this year is $415K for homes in West Ballantyne. The price for homes in East Ballantyne jumps to $534K, but you’ll be closer to Uptown Charlotte here.


School-aged children living in this new neighborhood will have many options for where to go to school, especially if you’re looking for charter schools. Some of the most notable schools in the neighborhood are Providence Day School, Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte Latin School, and Audrey Kell High School.


Ballantyne has many popular activities and frequent events for everyone to enjoy! The most popular include:

  • Eat at Big View Diner
  • Check out The Ballantyne Hotel
  • Shop at Ballantyne Village
  • Eat at Miro Spanish Grille
  • Golf at the Ballantyne Country Club
  • Enjoy seasonal events such as Ballantynes Holiday Spectacular


Fountain in Southpark mall
Southpark Mall fountain during the holidays

Located six miles south of Uptown Charlotte, this neighborhood is a booming residential and business district right outside of the city! The neighborhood is a great place for anyone as it is peaceful at night and busy during the day.


SouthPark was once a thriving dairy farm about 3,000 acres wide owned by Cameron Morrison, who was the NC Governor at the time. The family manor was built in the 1920s and still stands on the property today, though it is not owned by the Morrison family anymore.


SouthPark has a variety of homes to choose from, from modern apartments, four-story mansions, and one-story family homes. Driving through the South Park area you are most likely to see large mansions on the outskirts and apartments on the inside, closer to the business district. The average housing price for homes in this Charlotte, NC neighborhood is around $464K this year.


School-aged children living in the SouthPark area are most likely to go to the same schools as children living in Ballantyne, or ones nearby. Some of the most popular schools in the area are Myers Park High School, Charlotte Country Day School, and South Mecklenburg High School. There are also many elementary schools in the neighborhood as well as Catholic schools.


One of the driving factors for people looking to move to the South Park area is all of the amenities the neighborhood has to offer! Even people from out of state drive to South Park to take advantage of all of its attractions! Some notable amenities include:

  • Café Monte French Bakery and Bistro
  • SouthPark Mall
  • Symphony Park
  • Phillips Place
  • Cowfish Burger and Sushi Bar
  • Legion Brewing SouthPark
  • Morrocroft Village
  • Roosters Wood Fired Kitchen
  • BAKU

South End

Apartments in South End Neighborhood Charlotte, NC
Apartments in South End Charlotte


It has always been a very dynamic district for industries and technology. In the 1800s South End was home to the nation’s first Gold Rush which inspired the construction of the railroad that now runs through South End. The railroad line connects Columbia and Charleston, SC. Many of the textiles and factories that once operated here have been redone into apartments and shops for the public to enjoy.


Most of the homes in this Charlotte, NC neighborhood are in large apartment complexes or old homes that have been renovated into modern-style houses. There are also some small plots of land available if you are looking to build your own home. The average housing price in South End is $399K for 2022.


Because of its close proximity to Uptown Charlotte, NC, school-aged children in this neighborhood will likely share classrooms with children in the city. Some of the most popular schools in the area are Providence Day School, Charlotte Country Day School, and Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy.


South End can be described as a vibrant and youthful town, with fun events for everyone to enjoy. Some of the neighborhoods, and Charlotte’s most popular attractions are:

  • Inner Peaks Climbing
  • Lincolns Haberdashery
  • Hawkers Asian Street Food
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
  • Sycamore Brewing
  • Atherton Mill and Market
  • Superica


Showing at the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa
Show in the Neighborhood Theatre in NoDa


NoDa began as a small mill village on North Davidson street, which is what NoDa is short for. The last mill in the town closed in 1975 leaving the town to crumble into poverty and crime. In the 1990s the town completely transformed into a punk rock and hippie oasis thanks to Fat City Deli, which has since closed. NoDa also began to advertise itself as an arts district, what they’re known for today. Today you can find murals lining almost every building in the town, vendors selling art from all over the world, art galleries, and many restaurants and breweries with art themes.


There aren’t many single-standing homes in this small art district, so this Charlotte, NC neighborhood would be best for independent owners or couples with no kids. You can find a variety of renovated apartment complexes and townhomes right in the heart of the neighborhood. Although the cheap housing prices are what first attracted residents when the town was trying to rebuild, prices have skyrocketed. The average housing price in NoDa is $445K this year.


School-aged children living in this neighborhood will most likely go out of town to go to bigger schools as they get older. There are a few schools nearby that you should consider though. These include Highland Renaissance Academy, Villa Heights Elementary, and Behailu Academy.


NoDa is the perfect blended environment of artsy and electric meets calm and playful! You’re likely to find something fun or delicious waiting around every corner in this neighborhood! NoDa’s most memorable attractions include:

  • Smelly Cat Coffeehouse and Coffee Roasters
  • NoDa Yoga
  • Pura Vida Worldly Art
  • Amelie’s French Bakery and Café
  • Benny Pennello’s
  • Optimist Hall
  • Haberdish
  • Neighborhood Theatre
  • The Evening Muse
  • Cabo Fish Taco
  • Rosie’s Wine Garden

Safe Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

As expected in any city there will always be safety concerns, but rest assured Charlotte NC has a very high police presence, especially the closer you get to the city. You can find police patrolling the streets on foot, by bike, and by car daily.

Safest Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Some of the safest neighborhoods, which are luckily on the list of best neighborhoods in Charlotte as well, include:

  • First Ward
  • Fourth Ward
  • SouthPark
  • Ballantyne

Neighborhoods to Avoid

Though the majority of Charlotte is safe, it is still a big city and with big cities come the chances of high crime. Here are some neighborhoods you should avoid in Charlotte, NC.

  • Pinecrest
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Lakewood
  • Tryon Hills
  • Greir Heights
  • Seversville
  • Smallwood
  • Plaza-Shamrock
  • Washington Heights
  • Enderly Park


Charlotte, NC has some of the best neighborhoods for people who want the perfect mix of city and suburb life. You’re sure to find fun, electric, and vibrant environments wherever you choose to live in Charlotte. Anyone can enjoy what this booming city has to offer as there is everything from nightclubs to family fun events nearly every day.
Charlotte is also an amazing place to get involved in important global issues as there are marches, fundraisers, and public events nearly every month rooting for a good cause. If you’re looking to move soon, consider Charlotte, NC, because Charlotte’s got it all!

Reese Ledford comes from Fort Mill, South Carolina, right outside Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently studying English and Political Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. In her free time, she loves to travel, draw, write, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.