6 Reasons to Consider Not Moving to Charlotte, NC

6 Reasons to Consider Not Moving to Charlotte, NC

City skyline of Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte NC is a large city in the south that many people come from all over the country to visit. You can find luxury shopping malls, amusement parks, five-star restaurants, public parks, concert venues, and more in Charlotte. So you may be wondering, why shouldn’t I move to Charlotte, NC.

Like any large and growing city, Charlotte has many issues underneath its beauty. Many come to Charlotte from bigger cities such as New York and Chicago and experience a culture shock. While the city offers fun entertainment there are also issues such as cost of living, homelessness, transportation, and a busy environment that some do not enjoy.

Cost of Living

As you may have guessed, because Charlotte, NC is a large and growing city, the cost of living is very high. While the city may offer more affordable prices compared to New York and Chicago, it is still not all that affordable.

Recent inflation isn’t helping either, as the price of gas and commercial items continues to rise. The average price of gas in North Carolina is rarely below $4. The “low” house and rent prices do not seem to matter as much when you add in this cost. The price of food and other commodities is also on the rise. Necessities are becoming increasingly scarce in some areas. This is true for many places across the country, but if you’re looking to move somewhere more affordable, such as Charlotte, this can be especially frustrating. 

Transportation Issues

Cars in traffic in Uptown Charlotte, NC

The high price of gas in Charlotte cannot be avoided, as many have to take cars to commute. Charlotte does not have many public transportation options for residents of the area. Although there is a bus and train system, its routes are very limited. People commuting from outside of Uptown Charlotte will not have the luxury of public transportation. This can not only increase your gas expenses but also your parking expenses, as Charlotte only offers free parking on the weekends and evenings. If you are looking to move to Charlotte, NC this is a large con to consider.


If you have ever visited or currently live in Charlotte, you’ll know that the traffic is no joke! Because the city has so many attractions, there is constant traffic. Another thing about traffic in Charlotte is it can be unpredictable sometimes. Although this traffic issue is a daily occurrence, if there is an event happening, it is only increased. Charlotte is home to many professional sports teams, NASCAR, and concert venues, which are all frequently happening. If you aren’t in the loop about these events or just need to get Uptown, plan to leave a few hours ahead in hopes of beating this horrendous traffic.

Constant Growth and Change

If you’re a history buff or hate construction, you should not move to Charlotte, NC. The Queen City is a constantly growing one, with new buildings and entertainment coming to the area constantly. Because of the growth, the city knocks down historic buildings and homes frequently to build new ones. This makes it hard to pinpoint the growth of the city from its beginnings. This can also be a large deciding factor for people who love history.

Constant construction can also be a burden on residents. If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, Charlotte, NC is not the place to look for it. The city can be quite noisy on its own from the hustle and bustle of crowds. Construction noises added to this can prove to be too much for some residents.

This constant construction and addition of buildings also obstruct Charlotte’s greenery. While the city prides itself on its green spaces, if the growth continues this won’t be prevalent anymore. If you’re looking for lots of green space in your neighborhood, this is something to consider about living in Charlotte, NC.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Charlotte skyline from a luxury restaurant on the 22nd floor
Charlotte, NC skyline at night

Another block to enjoying a peaceful neighborhood in Charlotte, NC is the nightlife and entertainment industry. While this may be a pro for some, it can be a con for most. Families with small children, working people, and older couples should take into account the nightlife scene of Charlotte, NC when considering living there.

Almost any night of the week you can find people going to bars, clubs, or other events. This can cause busy streets and loud noise late at night. As stated before this also increases traffic in Uptown and on the highway. It can be hard to have young children in this kind of environment as well because of the late-night noise and large crowds.

Social Issues

Charlotte is a very diverse city which brings along some social issues. Because it is a big city, it gets a lot of news coverage, which is why so many protests happening in Uptown. In recent years Charlotte has been a hub of protests for all kinds of social issues. There have been protests on Black Lives Matter, Abortion Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Environmental Rights, etc. These protests come from both sides too, for and against the matter at hand.

Some of these protests can get out of hand and even turn violent. There have been clashes between the public and the police of Charlotte during some of these protests. I have been lucky enough to even attend and participate in some of these protests and watch things unfold. If you are not fond of being in such a highly opinionated and political environment, moving to Charlotte, NC is not a good idea.

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Crime scene do not cross signage

As with any large city, Charlotte does have semi-frequent crimes ranging from misdemeanors to violent crimes. According to Neighborhood Scout, Charlotte is safer than 5% of cities in the U.S. This can pose a problem for families with small children or anyone who’s not willing to take the risk of the city.

Some crimes stem from the city’s large nightlife scene, others from the city’s large population of homeless. Crime is a regular occurrence in any large city, so this may not be a shock for someone moving from a large city. However, it is a shock for most thinking that Charlotte is less affected by big city cons. Although Charlotte has somewhat high crime rates for the area, there is also a large police presence to help prevent crime. Crime is one of the most important factors to consider for living in Charlotte, NC.

Why You Shouldn’t Move to Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC is a beautiful and thriving city that many enjoy visiting. Many people, including celebrities and politicians, call Charlotte home. However, just because DaBaby enjoys living in Queen City, doesn’t mean that you will.

It is important to take into account all of the cons of living in a city like Charlotte, NC. The hustle and bustle of the city can prove to be too much for some. People moving from bigger cities looking for a calmer pace, won’t find it in Charlotte. Sometimes, the growth of a city isn’t always a good thing and Charlotte has had its fair share of consequences.

Cost of living, transportation, constant change, nightlife, crime, and social issues bring problems that new residents might not be prepared for. Many residents of Charlotte are Charlotte natives and have learned to adapt to these problems. While it’s easy to jump into Charlotte’s many offerings, it is important to consider these issues before moving to Charlotte, NC.

Reese Ledford comes from Fort Mill, South Carolina, right outside Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently studying English and Political Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. In her free time, she loves to travel, draw, write, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.