The Best Neighborhoods in Dubuque, Iowa

The Best Neighborhoods in Dubuque, Iowa

Is Dubuque, Iowa a good place to live? Photo of old buildings in the Millwork District of Dubuque, Iowa.

Dubuque, Iowa is a quaint town along the Mississippi River in Northeast Iowa. The city of Dubuque offers residents a variety of housing options within a welcoming community. This city can be enjoyed year-round, snow or shine! The Dubuque, Iowa community is one of the best areas to live in! It offers a slow, calm-paced lifestyle that many visitors and residents enjoy.

Whether you are looking for parks to enjoy or downtown entertainment, you can find both in Dubuque! The city prides itself on its community and the inclusive way of life that exists there. Many of these neighborhoods offer exciting and different elements you won’t find anywhere else!


Asbury is a suburban neighborhood in the West End district of Dubuque Iowa. With a population of over 5,000, this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dubuque County. This neighborhood is the best area in Dubuque, Iowa for families to live in.

If you are looking to buy a home, Asbury is a great place to look. About 94% of residents in the area own their homes with about 6% being renters. The average sale price for homes in Asbury is around $350K. If you are looking to move to Dubuque, Iowa, and build a home in the area the average price per square foot is around $124K.

The school district in this neighborhood is one of the best in Dubuque County. This Dubuque, Iowa neighborhood is a good place to live for families with elementary age children. Some of the public schools in the nearby area include:

  • Stephen Hempstead High School
  • Elenor Roosevelt Middle School
  • Carver Elementary School
  • Kennedy Elementary School
  • Hoover Elementary School
  • Eisenhower Elementary School


Monument of Chief Peosta in Dubuque, Iowa
Monument of Chief Peosta and Julien Dubuque

Peosta is a smaller and more rural neighborhood with a population of just over 2,000. If you are looking for a quiet life, look no further than Peosta! 

Many of the residents in this neighborhood also own their homes, but there are more renters in the area if you are not quite ready to settle down. Around 85% of the residents own their homes with the remaining 15% being renters. The average sale price for homes in this neighborhood is around $489K, a little more pricey than Asbury. If you want to build a house, the average sale price per square foot is around $170K. 

Although living expenses may be a bit more pricey than in other Dubuque neighborhoods, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! The neighborhood is a great choice for families and has great public schools in the nearby area including: 

  • Western Dubuque High School
  • Drexler Hill Middle School
  • Peosta Elementary School


Field of Dreams movie site outside of Dubuque, Iowa
Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville, Iowa

Dyersville is perfect for families with older children, young professionals, and retirees. This neighborhood is the perfect mix of suburban lifestyle and the nightlife scene. Dyersville has many bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues to enjoy! If you are looking to live in a more happening area of Dubuque, Iowa, Dyersville is a great spot to look.

This neighborhood is one of the most affordable suburban communities in the Dubuque County area. The average sale price for homes in the area is around $325K. The sale price per square foot is around $215K. Although buying a home in Dyersville may be cheaper, if you’re looking to build, you might want to look elsewhere. 

The schools in Dyersville are some of the best in the county! Some schools in the nearby area include:

  • Beckham Catholic High School
  • Western Dubuque High School
  • Drexler Hill Middle School
  • Dyersville Elementary 

Dubuque (Downtown)

4th Street in the neighborhood of Dubuque, Iowa
4th Street Shops in Downtown Dubuque

Downtown Dubuque or East Dubuque is the inner city area of Dubuque County. Here you’ll find people from all walks of life from families to retirees. You can also find the Mississippi River just outside of downtown, a popular attraction for residents and visitors. If you enjoy small city life, then Dubuque, Iowa is the best area for you to live! The city offers a dense suburban feel and a slow-paced lifestyle. 

Surprisingly, living in the city of Dubuque is cheaper than living in its outside neighborhoods. The average sale price of homes in the area is around $199K. The average sale price per square foot is around $109K. Not only is Dubuque, Iowa a good place to live in, but it won’t hurt your wallet either! 

There are many schools to choose from in Dubuque, especially if you have younger children. There is a wide variety of public schools as well as private schools. Some of these schooling options in the area include: 

  • Prescott Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Irving Elementary School
  • Bryant Elementary School
  • Elenor Middle School
  • Stephen Hempstead High School

Things to do in Dubuque, Iowa

Having good housing and school options is not the only important part of moving to a new town. You also have to love where you live outside of those things. It is vital to have things to do outside of the necessities. Here is a list of things to do in Dubuque, Iowa. 

National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Octopus at National Mississippi Museum and Aquarium
Live Octopus at the National Mississippi Museum and Aquarium

The National Mississippi River and Aquarium bring both modern and historical aspects to the visitors and residents of the area. You can enjoy things like rides on historic steamboats, stingray encounters, a 4D movie presentation, a live view of the river from space, and so much more!

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Mines of Spain Recreation Area

This attraction is the perfect place for history buffs! Here you can find the origins of the state of Iowa. These mines were once owned by New Spain in the 1780s and were used by Quebecois explorer Julien Dubuque to mine for lead.

Today you can find markers all over the site of where villages and trading posts used to be. You can also find rock shelters and a Crystal Lake Cave just past the mines.

Crystal Lake Cave

Crystal Lake Cave is a limestone cave that was first discovered in 1868 by a lead miner names James Rice. You can go on a tour of the cave and find out more about its history of it and how it was formed. 

Fenelon Place Elevator Company

This is another historical piece of the town of Dubuque. The Fenelon Place Elevator has been running since 1893. The elevator is 296 feet long at a vertical incline of 189 feet. You can ride the elevator from 8 am to 10 pm, from April to November. While you ride you can enjoy the views of downtown to Dubuque to the Mississippi River.

This attraction is one of the many historical sites in the city. If you are a history buff or just enjoy living in an area with history, Dubuque, Iowa is a good place to live.

Mississippi Riverwalk

This attraction not only lies on one of the most famous rivers in the world, but it is also one of the most famous attractions in Dubuque. Many multi-use trails around the river can be enjoyed year-round.

The Mississippi Riverwalk is about a mile long starting at the historical Dubuque railway and ending at the William M. Black dredge. The riverwalk is covered with art to enjoy with the beautiful backdrop of the Mississippi River.

The trail is marked with red concrete that is part of a 26-mile Heritage trail that ends at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville built for the 1989 movie Field of Dreams.

Dubuque Museum of Art

Dubuque Museum of Art
Dubuque Museum of Art

This museum is the oldest cultural institution in Dubuque and has been open since 1874. The museum is home to around 2,200 works of art, holding a rich collection for visitors to enjoy. This museum holds one of the world’s largest collections of pieces by Iowa artist Grant Wood, the famous painter of American Gothic, with the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art holding the largest.

Visitors and residents can enjoy tours, classes, and community programs for all ages. You can also find year-round galleries and shows from artists from all over the globe.

Dubuque Farmers Market

The Dubuque farmers market is the oldest in the state dating back to 1858. The farmers market runs weekly in the summer, running three blocks every Saturday from May to October.

There are more than 125 vendors at the market representing around 10,000 acres of Dubuque County and surrounding areas. You can find everything from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, to live entertainment, and activities to keep the kids entertained.

Dubuque Casinos

Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa
Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa

If you’re into the nightlife scene and lifestyle, Dubuque offers many high-end casinos for residents and visitors to enjoy. If casinos are a large part of your life, Dubuque, Iowa would be a good place for you to live. Dubuque is home to two major casino complexes. These include the Diamond Jo Casino at the Port of Dubuque and Q Casino on Chaplain Schmitt Island which is northeast of downtown.

The Diamond Jo Casino has been open since 2008 and offers around 800 slots, 23 table games, three restaurants, and entertainment at the Big Wheel Bar. The Q Casino has been open since 1985 and combines a greyhound racing track with modern gaming. The facility offers around 1,000 slot machines, over 20 table games, a specialized poker room, three restaurants, and entertainment at the Back Waters Stage and the Q Showroom. 


 Moving to Dubuque, Iowa can be an exciting and daunting experience. The cost of living in Dubuque is relatively low compared to other major cities in the United States, and the job market is growing rapidly. When moving to Dubuque, it’s essential to research the different neighborhoods and find the one that best suits your lifestyle. While some neighborhoods are more family-friendly, others offer a more urban and trendy vibe. Moving to Dubuque, Iowa, is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience a small-town feel with plenty of opportunities for growth and exploration.

Dubuque is known for its historic architecture, including many well-preserved buildings from the 19th century. There are also several museums and cultural attractions in the city, such as the Dubuque Museum of Art and the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, and boating in the nearby countryside and along the river. Dubuque is also home to several colleges and universities, including the University of Dubuque and Clarke University. Because of the city’s diversity, Dubuque, Iowa is a good place to live for families, students, retirees, and everyone in between. Overall, Dubuque is a charming and vibrant city with plenty to offer residents and visitors alike.

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