Volunteer with these Amazing Nonprofits in Charlotte, NC

Volunteer with these Amazing Nonprofits in Charlotte, NC

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According to the Foundation Group, there are more than 10 million nonprofits worldwide. That’s a lot of places to get involved with! If you live in Charlotte, NC, or are thinking about moving there, we found some great nonprofit organizations to help you give back. Read on and see where your passions take you. If you’re just moving to the area, be sure to check out our Charlotte renters guide.

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Nonprofits in Charlotte, NC

Thankfully, there are a number of nonprofits in Charlotte to get involved with. Whether you’re interested in working with kids or fighting homelessness, they have something for you.

Our Bridge for Kids

This nonprofit in Charlotte, NC is dedicated to serving first-generation and newly-arrived kids and families. They offer tutoring for school, as well as language classes. In addition, they are a Trauma-Informed Care Center.

A woman tutoring a young child in Charlotte, NC.

Promising Pages

This nonprofit organization focuses on improving children’s literacy. They provide reading materials for low-income kids living in book deserts. Also, they aim to help all kids create self-selected at-home libraries.

A young girl reading Hop on Pop.

Charlotte Rescue Mission

This nonprofit in Charlotte, NC is aims to help those struggling with addiction. They provide a faith-based residential recovery program to achieve long-term sobriety. In addition, they help others find stable housing and employment.

Charlotte Rescue Mission logo

Loaves and Fishes

This nonprofit in Charlotte focuses on providing nutritious meals and groceries. They aim to serve families struggling with short-term crises and the elderly. 

Grocery bags filled with food

Brave Works

This nonprofit org in Charlotte aims to help women in difficult, high-risk situations. They teach women facing homelessness, addiction, or abuse how to make jewelry and other fashion items as a way of supporting themselves financially.

An assortment of beads and jewelry

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Hospitality House of Charlotte

This nonprofit in Charlotte, NC provides housing for families and patients going through a medical crisis. They believe in equitable access to healthcare for all patients. Importantly, they have housed over 66,000 people in need to date.

Hospitality House of Charlotte logo
Courtesy of Hospitality House of Charlotte

Common Nonprofit Jobs in Charlotte NC

There are several nonprofit organizations in Charlotte, NC looking for more workers. Notably, nonprofits are always looking for people passionate about their causes. We’ve outlined some common positions in nonprofits that may be a good fit for you.

Senior management

If you have experience working with nonprofits, then this may be for you. Step into the forefront of the organization and help make sure it is running smoothly. Also, maybe you even have the idea to start a nonprofit of your own? If so, these positions have your name all over them.

Development and fundraising

If you are interested in finance and the growth of companies, then development and fundraising may be a good fit. Often, these positions allow employees to coordinate ways of securing the nonprofit’s future, and expanding its capabilities.


If you’re passionate about outreach and bringing people together, then this may be for you. Bonus points if you are interested in graphic design and like running social media pages. If you’re looking to help nonprofits spread their visibility and connect with more people, check out their communications opportunities.

Programs coordinator

If you’re a creative person that is good at designing activities, then this position may be for you. Often, program coordinators get to be hands-on in the organization and create fun, inspiring programming for nonprofits. This means that you could create a gardening program, orchestrate food drives, or plan cooking classes. The possibilities are endless.

How to donate to these nonprofits

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways for you to get involved with the nonprofits listed above. You can donate time, supplies, and much more.

How to donate to nonprofits in general

If you’re wondering about other ways to get involved with nonprofits, we have some more ideas! There’s no wrong way to show your support.

  • Firstly, ask about upcoming events
  • Secondly, share your time availability with the nonprofit
  • Donate materials that may be helpful
  • Also, tell your friends and family
  • Share their social media posts
  • In addition, offer to help make flyers
  • Volunteer at a single event
  • Also, raise funds from your community
  • Additionally, encourage others to get involved
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