Great Nonprofits in Wilmington, NC to Work With

Great Nonprofits in Wilmington, NC to Work With

Four friends with their arms around one another volunteering for a nonprofit in Wilmington, NC

Nonprofit organizations rely on their communities to stay up and running. Often, volunteers and their efforts make a big difference in these organizations. If you live in Wilmington, NC, or are thinking of moving, we want to help you get involved with charities in Wilmington NC. Whatever you’re passionate about, Wilmington, NC nonprofit organizations and their jobs have something for you. Looking for more info about the area? Check out our guide on moving to Wilmington, NC.

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Nonprofit organizations in Wilmington, NC

According to the NC Center for Nonprofits, there are over 120,000 nonprofit organizations in Wilmington, NC. That’s a lot! Below we’ve highlighted some awesome organizations.

Community United Effort (CUE) of Wilmington

This nonprofit in Wilmington, NC serves missing persons. They provide free, professionally-trained search parties and victim support services to families. In addition, they were originally founded in Wilmington and have spread across the U.S.

A bulletin board with sticky-notes on it

Paws4People of Wilmington

This nonprofit organization hopes to help people through using Assistance Dogs. They have over 1,200 assistance dogs trained in a variety of areas, including mental health service, mobility, and even crisis response. In addition, they focus on serving children with disabilities, combat veterans, and those with brain injuries.

A dog rolling on the ground

Assistance League, Greater Wilmington

This nonprofit organization in Wilmington, NC dedicated to strengthening the local community. This organization donates clothing to kids in need and hosts activities at low-income nursing homes. In addition, they run a thrift store that helps provide the funds that they use to give back to the community.

Assistance league members posing with a donation check in Wilmington NC
Via Assistance League, Greater Wilmington

Cape Fear Literacy Council

This nonprofit in Wilmington provides education to adults and children. In addition, they aim to extend literacy development and break the cycle of illiteracy. They provide programming and classes for adults and families.

A person pulling a book from a bookshelf.

Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary

This nonprofit organization in Wilmington, NC rescues and rehabilitates parrots who are unwanted or without care. They build homes to provide the birds with permanent housing and community. Also, they teach the community about the importance of caring for animals.

A colorful parrot flying through the air.

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Plastic Ocean Project

This nonprofit is dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean. In addition, they work on creating more sustainable businesses. They educate the public through research and outreach programs. Also, they aim to end ocean and off-shore plastic pollution across the country.

Trash piling up on the ocean sand.

Monty’s Home

This nonprofit provides support to pet owners whose animals are dealing with illness or approaching the end of life. In addition, they offer pet training programs and other activities that bring the joy of pets to their local community. UniMovers Wilmington is partnered with this nonprofit, and give a portion of their revenue to nonprofit annually!

A dog going through training just like the services provided by Wilmington's nonprofit, Monty's Home.

Nonprofit Jobs in Wilmington, NC

If you are looking to get involved with nonprofits in Wilmington, NC more heavily, you may consider jobs in the field. Notably, there are many jobs in the world of nonprofits and charitable organizations in the following fields.

Communications Jobs with Nonprofits in Wilmington

Nonprofit jobs in communications help the organization gain exposure. In addition, these positions may involve running social media pages, creating graphics, and making sure the website is up-to-date. Also, it may involve connecting different areas of the nonprofit with one another, as well as creating newsletters for the community.

Senior Management Positions with Nonprofits and Charities in Wilmington

Nonprofit jobs in senior management help organizations run smoothly. In addition, they are seen as the face of the nonprofit. Often, the job may involve attending community events and assigning tasks to departments.

Development and Fundraising Jobs for Nonprofits and Charities in Wilmington

Nonprofit jobs in development and fundraising help the organization grow funds. In addition, it may involve hosting fundraisers and reaching out for donations. Also, it often involves applying for grants.

Programs Coordinator Jobs for Nonprofits and Charities in Wilmington

Program coordinators help the organization become more connected with the community. Often, this is through events. In addition, these jobs help the nonprofit work towards its goal by creating programs that create more involvement. Also, they often work on certificate programs and workshops.

Ways to Donate to These Wilmington Nonprofits

There are many ways to get involved with these Wilmington nonprofit organizations. Choose to give back to one or more.

Ways to Give Back to Other Nonprofits

Wondering how to give back to other nonprofits? There are many ways to help!

  • Call and show your support
  • Attend their events
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Collect funds in your community
  • Gather donation items
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Share their posts on social media
  • Ask about long-term volunteering

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