How To: Moving With Pool Tables

How To: Moving With Pool Tables

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Pool tables make a great addition to any recreation room in a home. They present a challenge, however, when it comes to moving.

Pool tables are incredibly heavy, complicated to assemble, and easy to damage. Here are some things to consider before deciding – is it worth moving a pool table by yourself?

Should You Move A Pool Table By Yourself?

The short answer – we don’t recommend it. Pool tables are made of interlocking pieces of slate held together by beeswax. These pieces are heavy and incredibly brittle. Even when successfully disassembled, the slate must be perfectly balanced when put back together.

Basically, unless you have experience moving pool tables, this process can be stressful and labor-intensive. 

If you decide the risk is worth it, you’ll need some strong friends, pool table instructions, a number of tools, and quite a bit of patience. It’s possible to do, but breaking any piece of the pool table could cost you a pretty penny – it’s usually safer to hire a specialist to do the heavy lifting and reassembly for you.

Moving Cost 

The standard cost of hiring movers ranges between $200 – $500, depending on how far you need your table moved.

The price sometimes includes reassembly. Professionals can usually complete the task in one afternoon.

If that price sounds unreasonable, you can move the table yourself. The most critical part of moving your pool table is protecting the slate.

Most commercial tables have up to three slate pieces. Some slate pieces are made to fit together perfectly – meaning, if one breaks, you may have to replace them all. Each piece could cost anywhere from $500 – $1,000 so make sure you ask strong and steady friends for help!

How To Move A Pool Table By Yourself

Assuming you’ve decided moving a pool table is a solo project, you’ll need the answer to the following question: How do you move a pool table by yourself? 

Here’s a step-by-step:

1. Gather Your Tools

First, you’ll need a handful of things to get the job done. Grab a staple puller, flathead screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench, and power drill. If you still have the table instructions, grab those too. You’ll definitely need between 3-5 strong friends to help too. 

2. Disassemble 

 Using the instruction manual, start to disassemble your table. Make sure you label each piece and take photos or videos of how everything fits together. You’ll have many parts that look very similar but may only fit in one location. Take notes!

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3. Relocate

The legs, wooden frame pieces, and accessories should be relatively light and easy to carry. Move them to your form of transportation or new location and make sure they’re secure in their new spot. 

You’ll also need to assess your moving route. If you’re planning to move a pool table downstairs, you may have to break things down more than you would otherwise. The slate pieces are very heavy, so make sure you read up on moving extra heavy furniture before you start.

Before moving the pool table downstairs, consider renting a stair dolly to make the process easier. You may also want to wrap the pieces in moving blankets. You don’t want to chip them.

If you’re going to move the pieces in a moving truck, try placing the slate on its side against the wall of the truck. You want to check that the slate doesn’t snap from uneven pressure. Strap them in tightly so that they won’t tip over during transportation!

4. Reassemble 

Now is the time to whip out the helpful notes, videos, and photos you took. Start reassembling the table and make sure your friends stick around to help! 


Pool tables are a lot of fun and worth the moving hassle. Before you decide on how you’ll transport your table, make sure you weigh the cost and risk. If you don’t think you can manage it yourself, there are always professionals willing to help

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