The Most Affordable Storage Units That Fit Your Needs

The Most Affordable Storage Units That Fit Your Needs

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Storage units are areas of storage that people can buy or rent to store some of their belongings. While this may sound very simple, there is much to consider when renting or buying a storage unit. The most important of these things to consider is the price. The price can vary depending on if you rent a mobile or permanent storage unit.

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Mobile Storage Units

Mobile storage units are areas of storage that you can move from one location to another. These units are made to be easily accessible for you while you put your items in them. They are also convenient if you are storing items you intend to use quite often since they can be stored at your home.


The cost of mobile storage often varies on a few key factors such as graphic location, size of the container, and the time frame that you need the storage for.

When it comes to the location of your container you may be charged more if the company is continuously moving your storage unit. Most companies will include the cost of bringing the storage unit to you in the total cost. They then will charge an average of $75 to move this storage to another location. The charge will depend on if you are moving the storage unit to somewhere nearby or if you are moving it a great distance. 

You also need to consider how big of a container you need when it comes to the cost. The bigger the container typically means the greater the cost. 

Another factor you need to consider is how long you need the mobile storage unit. On average a company will charge anywhere between $80 and $150 a month, depending on the size of the unit.

Pros of a Mobile Storage Unit

Having a mobile storage unit comes with a lot of benefits that people need to carefully consider.

Having a mobile storage unit helps you cut down the cost of moving your items to a storage unit. Mobile storage units are dropped off at your home, making it easy to move your items directly into them. 

Another benefit of mobile storage units is that it allows you to easily move your storage container. This makes it so you can store this unit at a facility when it is not in use, or if you are moving to another state it makes it so you can take this storage unit with you without having to unpack it. 

Cons of a Mobile Storage Unit

While there are many good things about mobile storage units, there are also some downsides to owning one. 

One of these cons is that mobile storage units require that you have some space in your yard to put them, at least while you are filling them up. This can sometimes cause damage to the landscape of your yard. This damage can include dead spots in the grass underneath or a torn-up yard.

Another downside to mobile storage units is that the charges can quickly add up if you are constantly moving your unit. Like most types of storage units you have to pay a monthly fee for the unit, but then have an additional fee if you are needing to move the unit.

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are places of storage where the access door is located inside a building. This means that at least one of the walls of the unit is an interior wall and that you need to go inside a building to access your unit.


The cost of indoor storage units typically depends on the size of the unit and the included amenities. An indoor storage unit is typically in the $50 to $200 price range. The bigger the unit the more expensive it is. 

Another factor of indoor storage units that can up the price is if the unit is climate controlled. Climate-controlled units protect your items from elements such as heat, cold temperatures, and humidity. If you want to dig deeper into the pros and cons of climate-controlled storage units, check out The Complete Guide to Climate-Controlled Storage Units.

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Pros of Indoor Storage Units

An indoor storage unit comes with a lot of positive benefits that you want to consider. 

First of all, indoor storage units allow you to easily access your unit even during bad weather. If it is raining or snowing outside you do not need to worry about the elements disturbing the items within your unit since the door to enter into the unit is on the inside of the storage facility building. 

Another positive is that the building itself often has some sort of heating and cooling system. This makes the building nicer to be in while you are moving your items in and out of your unit, and it also makes the area you are storing your items in safer for more delicate items. In addition, a lot of indoor storage facilities offer units that are climate controlled that you can choose to rent.

Cons of Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units may have many positive benefits, but they also have some downsides.

Some indoor storage units cannot be accessed 24/7. This is because the doors to get into the units themselves are inside a building, and some facilities only keep the main entrance open during certain business hours. 

Another con to indoor storage units is that some units require you to take an elevator or stairs to access them since not all of them are on the ground floor. While this may not sound horrible, it can be a downside when you have to move all of your items into a storage unit that is on the second floor or higher.

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are areas of storage where the door you access the unit from is facing the outside elements. This means that to access your unit you have to be outside and not in a building. 


Outdoor storage units are typically slightly less expensive than indoor storage units. An outdoor unit averages around $45 to $175 depending on the unit’s size.

The main reason that outdoor storage units are cheaper is that they more often have to deal with the outside elements since the access door will sometimes be open to the outside.

Pros of Outdoor Storage Units

There are a lot of positive elements about outdoor storage units that you should consider before choosing.

Outdoor storage units are often accessible 24/7 since they are not inside a facility building. This allows you to be able to access the items inside your unit at any time. 

Another positive is that you are often able to pull a vehicle right up to the unit’s door. This makes moving items in and out of your storage unit easier since you will not have to carry the items very far from the moving vehicle to the unit itself.

Cons of Outdoor Storage Units

While outdoor storage units have a lot of positive benefits, you should also be aware of the downsides.

Outdoor storage units are often abused by the elements of nature such as snow, rain, heat, and wind. This can sometimes cause damage to the outside of the units, or cause you to not be able to get into your unit at times such as if snow is piled up in front of the unit’s door. 

Another negative to using outdoor storage units is that you sometimes have to deal with pests getting inside them. Since they are located outside, instead of in a building, it is much easier for creatures such as mice to get inside and make your storage unit into their own home.

Finding a Storage Unit Near You

One of the most important things about finding a storage unit is to make sure it is easily accessible to you. This means being aware of what storage units are near you and where you live. There are many different local and commercially owned storage units to choose from. 

Movable Storage Units

There are many different companies in the United States that offer movable storage units. Some of these companies include…

Permanent Location Storage Units

When it comes to permanent location storage units there are many different companies in the United States. Some of these companies include…

In addition to large storage companies such as the ones listed above, it is also important to check out what the town you live in has for storage units. A lot of towns are starting to offer local storage units that are their own small-town business. These storage units are typically fairly priced since they are rented out to local people and it also helps to keep business within the town.

How Size and Features Affect the Cost

Some major things to consider when you are looking at the costs of storage units are what size storage unit you want and what features you want that unit to include. 

If you know how big a storage unit you need to fit all of your items into it, you will be able to ensure that you do not accidentally pay more for a unit that is bigger than you need. Units that have more square footage, especially ones with taller ceiling heights, tend to dramatically bring the cost of units up. 

You also want to consider what sort of features you need your storage unit to have. This can include climate control, security features, and what style of unit you want. Both climate control and having your storage unit watched by security cameras tend to up the cost of the unit. The type of storage unit you want also makes the cost vary depending on if it is a mobile storage unit, an indoor storage unit, or an outside storage unit. 

These features are important to consider when you are thinking about the most affordable storage unit that fits your needs.


Finding the most affordable storage unit for you depends on what preferences you have for the type of storage unit and what it includes. After this post, you should be able to determine what type of storage unit is right for you and what amenities you want that unit to include. From there you can start to get an estimate of which type of unit is the best for your price range.  


Does it matter whether or not a storage unit is climate-controlled?

If you are storing precious items within your unit, especially papers and books, climate control would be something you want. However, this type of unit feature is not necessary if you are storing items that you do not worry about in conditions such as high moisture.

Is one storage unit type better than another?

There are many different types of storage units from mobile ones to indoor and outdoor ones. All of them have their ups and downs, so it is truly up to the preferences of the renter. The best thing you can do is decide what features matter to you and then find a type of storage unit that includes those features.

Is it worth the price to rent a storage unit?

Renting a storage unit can put a big dent in your wallet, especially if you are using one on a long-term basis. They can be super helpful if you need to temporarily store some items for a few months, but if you need one for a long time you could consider finding a place that sells storage units instead of renting one.

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