Top 10 Moving Products and Supplies You Need

Top 10 Moving Products and Supplies You Need

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What’s a warrior without their sword? An artist without a brush? What’s a mover without the right products and supplies? Okay, maybe that was a little bit dramatic, but moving is a big deal and the last thing you want is to realize you’re not equipped with all the right products just before you move. This list of 10 essential packing and moving products will help prepare you for the move ahead and help you avoid purchasing products you don’t really need.


Let’s start out with the most obvious one first. Boxes are the most important moving supply you’ll need. No matter how big or small your move is having a good variety of box shapes and sizes is crucial. In general, small boxes will work well for heavier items, large boxes are good for bedding and clothing, and medium boxes should hold your pots, pans, cups, and plates. Reminder! Use corrugated boxes for heavier objects or if you’re going to ship any boxes. Corrugated boxes are much more durable than typical cardboard boxes.

The best place to buy boxes is easily Amazon. For renting boxes look into U-Haul and Boxbee. For those of you that love a good bargain and/or want to reduce waste should first reach out to friends or neighbors who may have spare boxes lying around. Just be sure to check their condition before putting any valuable items inside first.

Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Even if you manage to find the best, most trustworthy boxes on the market it won’t matter unless you have quality tape to seal them up. It may be tempting to cut corners and save a bit of money by going for cheaper tape, but I guarantee you’ll regret it when your computer monitor winds up on the floor of the truck bed. That’s why I can’t stress enough the importance of heavy-duty packing tape. This tape is ultra-resistant and won’t split, tear, or melt no matter the condition.

Permanent Markers

Sticking with the box theme, high-quality permanent markers are a necessary packing material. Labeling your boxes with the correct room and level of fragility will keep your move well organized, safe, and efficient. Again, I strongly suggest not using lesser material like a regular old pen because it’s cheaper/more convenient. Regular pens or markers can easily rub or wash off during your move. Instead, I suggest you invest in a pack of Avery 24800 permanent markers because they have large bristles, are extremely resistant, and work great on cardboard.

Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Besides the obvious fact that trash bags can be used for trash, they are also an extremely versatile moving product. If you want to avoid buying a few extra boxes for things like bedding, clothing, or towels you can simply use a few heavy-duty trash bags instead. They’ll save you money and are much easier to carry around. Trash bags can also be used as covers for larger things such as television screens and computer monitors to prevent them from getting scratched during the move.

Moving Blankets

Moving blanket? What’s a moving blanket? These heavy-duty blankets are about 6 feet long and consist of polyester and cotton. Moving companies all over use this moving supply to protect furniture and appliances during the move. They can also be hung up on walls to absorb any impact that might occur during the process. Avoid using regular old blankets as they won’t provide the same protection and are not even close to as durable. This moving supply is one of UniMovers best friends!

Packing Paper

Packing paper is used to protect items such as books, cups, plates, glasses, and pictures while you move. This product is utilized to fill voids in boxes so valuable items don’t move around. Quick story: When I was moving to college I packed my television in a large box and didn’t use packing paper or newspapers to fill up the extra space. Let’s just say the tv wound up getting tossed out upon opening up our moving truck. So, make sure to have packing paper on hand when you’re boxing up your things, especially when handling fragile items like kitchen wear or televisions.

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Bubble Wrap

This is the perfect moving product to pair with packing paper. Packing paper will protect fragile items from rubbing together and scratching, but bubble wrap is essential for your most fragile items. Wrap up ceramics, cups, and plates before placing them into boxes to ensure they don’t shatter or chip.

Nylon Rope

When you’re packing up your moving truck be sure to strategically position items to avoid as much movement as possible. However, nobody’s perfect and if you find yourself worried about certain items shifting during the transit you should have nylon rope ready to go. This rope is strong, durable, and affordable. Use it to tie items like televisions, dressers, and mattresses to the side of the truck.


This may seem quite obvious to some, but we’re covering all our bases here. Be prepared to use scissors more than you have since you were in elementary school because during your move you’ll be cutting a lot of tape, packing paper, nylon rope, and more. Have this moving supply on hand to make your life a whole lot easier.


Throughout the moving process, you’ll probably be assembling and disassembling furniture. There’s a good chance a couch or dresser won’t fit through a doorway or hallway (measure these beforehand!) so having a toolset on hand for moving day is a good idea. A huge set of tools isn’t necessary, but be sure to have the basics. This means a good set of screwdrivers, a wrench, and maybe a saw.

Get Packing!

There you have it, the top 10 most essential moving products and supplies! Now all you have to do is go out and get them. Be sure to use those links throughout the piece to make your search a little more efficient. Good luck with your move!

John is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado where he received a B.A in History and minor in Economics. He currently lives in Spain, but originally hails from New York. In his free time he enjoys running and following his hometown NY sports teams.