Is Iowa a Nice Place to Live?

Is Iowa a Nice Place to Live?

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There are lots of questions and considerations around the moving process. There are lots of factors that might alter your decision, such as budget and lifestyle. You want to be sure that wherever you go, you will be happy. If you’re considering moving to Iowa, you might be wondering if it is a nice place to live. This article will help answer your questions.


For many people, the most appealing thing about Iowa is its affordability! Iowa is the least expensive state to live in in the entire country. This is a big plus for many people. For those looking for more flexibility with their living options on a budget, or wanting a higher quality of life for less, or looking to save, Iowa is a nice option.

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Iowa is a very safe place to live. It has low crime rates compared to the national average. Only 31% of people from Iowa report anxiety about their safety, which is fifteen percentage points lower than the average person. This is another big reason that makes Iowa a great place to live.

Great Education

Another great thing about Iowa is the education. Iowa is one of the top twenty states in terms of education. Iowa is also home to the country’s highest graduation rate at 91.6%. If you are looking for a good place to raise a family and give your kids the best education possible, Iowa might be the right place for you to live. Beyond high school, there are also many great schools in Iowa, such as the University of Iowa or Grinnell College. You might be wondering if job prospects in Iowa match the great outlook on education. The answer is yes! Iowa has great opportunities to further or launch your career. Iowa ranked #2 on a US News Survey of opportunity, making it one of the best states in the country.

Fun Stuff

Despite being a pretty rural state, Iowa is home to a phenomenal art scene. The aforementioned University of Iowa has one of the best writing programs in the country, the famed Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Another attraction for art lovers is the famed Iowa Arts Festival.

Iowa has four distinct seasons, which many people enjoy. The snowy winters, hot summers, crisp autumns, and rainy springs keep things fresh and exciting and offer a variety of landscapes. People who are from places like California or Texas where the weather is similar year-round might enjoy experiencing the four seasons.

Iowa has a great selection of food and breweries, which makes it a nice place to live for foodies and beer fans. It is known for it’s great farm-to-table fare, especially in Des Moines. Fresh and locally grown ingredients are always tasty. Iowa also has plenty of craft breweries, too. Though lovers of seafood may find themselves a little disappointed, as Iowa is a land-locked state and some seafood products are difficult to come by or not as fresh as in other states. However, the many rivers in Iowa provide freshwater fish for people to get their fix!

One part of living in Iowa that is surprising to many is the political focus it receives during election season. This is because Iowa is a swing state, and is the first to caucus. This is not necessarily positive or negative but is unexpected for many people. For a list of other surprising things about Iowa, you can check out this post!

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Cons to Living in Iowa

Even though Iowa is a pretty nice place to live, are some cons to living there. The biggest con for many people is that Iowa is a very rural state, and for those who like the hustle and bustle of the city, Iowa might not be what they are looking for. That being said, there is still some great nightlife in Iowa. Cities like Iowa City have a selection of bars and clubs for those that like to party.

Another big challenge for many people is adjusting to the unpredictable weather. Iowa can experience heavy snow and arctic temperatures in winter, but boiling hot summers. Temperatures commonly reach around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and -20 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. The record high temperature in Iowa is 118 degrees, and the record low temperature is -47 degrees. There are also some natural disasters, most commonly flooding and tornadoes. For those that hail from milder climates, such extremes at both ends of the spectrum might be a bit of an adjustment.


In conclusion, Iowa is a nice place to live! It even ranked number one in 2018, making it the best state to live according to US News. Iowa is very affordable, which gives you a chance to save money or treat yourself in ways that your previous location may not have allowed. It is also a safe place to live, and you can feel secure while living here. It has great education and job opportunities that can help you find a brighter future. There is also a nice art and food scene to boot. But no place is completely perfect. If living in a huge city is important to you, or you prefer a milder climate, Iowa may not be the right place for you to live.

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