Digital Nomads Need These Four Cities For Solo Travel

Digital Nomads Need These Four Cities For Solo Travel

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Today, you do not have to choose between working and traveling. By becoming a digital nomad and embracing the gig economy, you can travel solo and work practically anywhere! But with so many options, you might be struggling to decide where to go.

Digital nomads will find that there are plenty of cities where you can meet new people. Also, enjoy unique experiences, or dive into different regional cultures. If you’re moving by yourself, you should consider a few top-notch stateside destinations with a lot to offer. If you need an extra set of hands to help you move your belongings, you can always turn to UniMovers. These US cities are some of the best places in the country for solo travel. So make sure to include them on your long-term itinerary!

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Business Tips for Digital Nomads

Maybe you’re just starting out on your journey as a digital nomad, or perhaps you’ve been traveling for a while. Either way, it’s important not to let your adventures distract you from your entrepreneurial responsibilities. Digital nomads working in the gig economy still need to track and report their income and expenses for tax purposes. Also, apply for any relevant business licenses, and register with the right business structure.

If you’re running a small business from your laptop while traveling solo, you could benefit from registering your company as an LLC. This will protect your personal assets if your company ever runs into financial trouble. Furthermore, you’ll get valuable tax breaks, which can help you save more money for your travels!

As a digital nomad, filing for an LLC on your own might be complicated. This is because you will need to register in a specific state, despite the fact that you’re probably moving around a lot. You can work with an affordable online formation service for help. Here you’ll get the guidance you need to register with the appropriate state and file all of the right documents.

Enjoy Seaside Living in Wilmington, NC

Are you interested in moving by yourself to a beachfront destination with a year-round community while you travel solo? You can’t go wrong with Wilmington, North Carolina! Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a few weeks or several months, Wilmington is sure to win you over. Wilmington has everything a digital nomad needs. There are miles of beautiful nearby beaches, a bustling riverwalk, and a local airport for easy transit!

The cost of living can vary throughout the different neighborhoods of Wilmington. But overall, it’s a very affordable city with reasonable housing costs. Since this city is on the smaller side, you can easily travel from your neighborhood to another area. Therefore, you can rent an apartment in a cheaper neighborhood and explore more upscale areas in your free time. Because the city is home to a university, you may want to avoid neighborhoods that are popular with college students if you’re looking for a quieter place to live.

If you prefer to work around other people rather than at your desk, you can head out to one of the city’s many quaint coffee shops to get your caffeine fix and tackle your latest projects. The Seahawk recommends grabbing a latte and fitting in a few hours of work at Bespoke Coffee and Dy Goods, Grinder’s Caffe, or Bitty & Beau’s.

Soak Up the Sun in Tempe, AZ

If you want to head out to America’s sunbelt, consider moving to Tempe, Arizona. Tempe is close to Phoenix, and it’s rapidly growing as it attracts new residents from all over the country.

With the average rental payment in Tempe clocking in at around $985 per month, you’ll be able to find a comfortable space that suits your solo travel budget. While the cost of living in Tempe is about two percent higher than the national average, the housing market is still relatively budget-friendly compared to bigger cities. If you won’t be bringing a car, you’ll want to search for accommodations with easy access to public transport. You can take the Valley Metro Light Rail, Orbit Bus, or Tempe Streetcar to get around!

In Tempe, you’ll find countless exciting things to do. When you need a break from your laptop, you can explore the vast desert landscapes. Within the city limits, you can relax at Tempe Beach Park. When you’re ready to expand your horizons, lace up your hiking boots and head out to Hayden Butte Preserve Park or the South Mountain National Trail. After a long workday, this is the perfect way to stretch your legs and catch a few hours of sunshine!

Explore History in Charleston, SC

If you love historic architecture, Southern hospitality, and warm weather, don’t skip Charleston, South Carolina. Should you decide to rent near Charleston’s downtown, you can expect to pay about $1,134 for one bedroom. And if you would prefer to spend a little less, you can always seek out rentals in the city’s cheaper suburbs, like Summerville or James Island.

Charleston is a popular tourist destination, so if you’re planning on solo travel, you’ll be able to connect with plenty of other travelers! Wondering where you can meet fellow digital nomads in Charleston? Book a desk at a coworking space in the city! CHS Today recommends checking out coworking options like The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, Office Evolution, or The Skinny Dip.

Charleston’s aesthetic appeal is one of its biggest draws. After you’ve logged off for the day, you can spend some time simply taking in the atmosphere on Rainbow Row, which is home to famous Georgian row houses. You can also learn about the city’s storied history at the Fort Sumter National Monument.

Experience Art and Culture in Providence, RI

If you prefer a chillier climate and a quaint New England atmosphere, it’s time to move to Providence, Rhode Island. Providence may be the capital of America’s smallest state, but what this city lacks in size, it makes up for in culture! If you consider yourself a foodie, you might want to plan for an extended stay – the city is home to a thriving culinary scene, with new restaurants and cafes popping up all the time. There is no shortage of comfortable coworking spaces for digital nomads.

Providence’s downtown neighborhoods can get pricey. But if you’re willing to live in an outer neighborhood like the East Side or Federal Hill, you’ll pay much less. Plus you can still get almost anywhere else in the city on foot! Plus, you’ll have access to more expensive cities without paying inflated rent prices. Providence is an ideal spot for digital nomads because of its robust public transport links. Within a couple of hours, you can travel to Boston or New York City. There you can check out a museum, see a show, or attend a conference.

As more people turn to remote work to enjoy a higher degree of flexibility in their professional lives, the digital nomad lifestyle will become more popular. But you don’t have to book a one-way ticket to another continent to embrace this path. You can enjoy solo travel by visiting places with a reasonable cost of living and a wide range of fun local activities to offer. If you’re planning out the next stops on your journey, you can’t go wrong with these four cities!

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