Hiring Movers To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Hiring Movers To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

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When moving, you must consider many factors. Should you hire movers? How many should you get? Should you get moving insurance to protect your valuables? How will you transport your items? Do you need storage? The biggest question that will arise though is “How much will moving cost me and how do I get the most of what I paid for?”

Most moving companies will service two to four movers. The fewer movers you hire, the fewer labor costs you will incur. However, you may just end up paying more for hourly rates. Hiring more movers may just reduce the time it takes to load and unload, meaning you’ll be paying less hourly.

What to Consider

Moving companies provide estimates based on a few different factors. Most companies suggest hiring one or two movers per bedroom. You most likely have furniture that requires at least two people to navigate and carry it, such as beds or couches. With two movers, most of their time is spent moving those heavy items. But if you hire more movers it allows that work to be split up, saving energy.

Another factor to consider is the layout of your home. Places with stairs, elevators, or limited parking will require more movers. Another upside to hiring more movers is that the extra person can be used to guide or ensure the safety of your items during loading and unloading.

Now let’s talk about the math of how many movers you hire.

Scenario #1: The Two-Bedroom Home

You’re moving your family from a two-bedroom, two-story, 1,500-square-foot home to a three-bedroom, two-story home across town. You will need to hire movers to load and unload your belongings, such as beds and heavy furniture that require at least two bodies to navigate and carry. The moving company recommends hiring one mover per bedroom. They tell you it will take seven hours at a rate of $90 per hour for two movers.

Hiring two movers will cost you a minimum of $630. However, you consider hiring a third person; someone who can move other boxes while the other two move furniture. Three movers will cost $135 per hour but will cut down the time by two hours. The new estimate is $675. It would be the most cost-efficient to hire the two movers, however, the extra person will be able to help guide the others down the staircases and make turns.

Scenario #2: The One-Bedroom Apartment

You’re moving with your partner from a 400-square-foot studio apartment on the second floor down the street to a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. You have some big furniture that will require two people to carry.

The moving company estimates it will take three hours to load and unload. At $90 per hour for two movers, it will cost you a minimum of $270. If you decide to hire a third mover for $135 per hour, they estimate the move to only take two hours, which means you’ll be paying $270 as well. Though the costs are equal, the less time you spend, the sooner you can adjust to your new home.

The Logistics

When deciding how many movers to hire, work with the moving company of your choice. They will be able to provide accurate estimates of how much it would cost. Not every company has the same policies regarding rates per hour and some may even have rates per mover. Remember to consider the value of both the moving company’s and your time. If you have questions be sure to contact your moving company and ask! This will reduce headaches and speedbumps on moving days.

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