Moving Out of State in 6 Months: Ultimate Guide

Moving Out of State in 6 Months: Ultimate Guide

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Moving is a big task in itself, and moving to a different state can seem even more intimidating. Whether renting or buying, moving solo, with roommates, or with a family, there’s much to do. But don’t fret! From the actual packing to updating your address information, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our moving out of state timeline for moving out of state in 6 months.

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6 Months Until You Move

Visit, Jobs, Budgeting


If you’re able, since you’re moving so far, it’s always a good idea to visit your new state well in advance. Check out areas where you might want to live to make sure they’re a good fit and take the opportunity to look at potential new homes while you’re there.

Look for Jobs

Often, an out-of-state move is the result of a change in employment. But if you’re moving for other reasons and don’t already have a job locked down, it’s a good idea to look at the job market in your field before deciding on a location. Is there a demand for your profession/skills? If you’re lucky enough to visit, is it an environment where you’d want to work?


Right off the bat, come up with a budget before mapping out your moving out-of-state timeline. Write it down, and keep track of it. Since this is so far out from the actual move, be conscious things may change before you move out of state in 6 months. However, having estimates early can help you organize your thoughts and your finances! You’ll also get a general idea of what you can afford and what you can’t.

5 Months Until You Move

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Housing, Utilities, Binder, Movers

Confirm Housing

Your housing timeline will vary based on individual situations, but it can’t hurt to lock this in early on. At the very least, confirm the area in the state to which you want to move. But this is the time to be looking at specific apartments, houses, etc. Knowing where you’ll be moving helps your process run a lot smoother before moving out of state in 6 months.

Look into Utilities

So, you know where you’re moving. But what do you need to set up in your new home? If you’re moving into an apartment with all-inclusive utilities, you don’t have to worry about this step. But if you’re buying a home, or even an apartment without utilities, you’ll have to look into things like Wi-Fi and appliances.

Make a Moving Binder

Moving out of state can be demanding, so one checklist likely won’t be sufficient. Dedicate a whole binder to your move! This is where you can organize budgets, checklists, timelines, and even important documents (more on that later).

Choose a Moving Company

Since you’re going a longer distance than, say, a neighborhood move, odds are you’ll need a moving company. What kind of company depends on your needs, budget, and personal preferences. Do you want to rent a truck/storage container and pack it yourself? Or maybe labor-only movers are the way to go. Of course, there are also full-service movers. This is contingent on your situation, so assess your needs and wants and figure out which option works for you before you move in 6 months.

4 Months Until You Move

Hire Movers, Take Inventory, Fill in Checklist, Organize

Hire Movers

Now that you’ve selected your moving company, with a 6-month timeline like this one you can go ahead and hire movers in advance! In some cases, it can even be more affordable to book in advance.

Take Inventory

Time to take note of what you have! Go through that closet you haven’t seen the back of in years, or those boxes in the basement you don’t quite remember the contents of. Packing is a lot easier when you know what you have.

Fill in Checklist/Binder

Plan, plan, plan! Make a checklist. Or multiple. This month is all about planning. As you take inventory of all your belongings, plan your packing according to that as you’re moving out of state in 6 months. You also have a moving company picked out by now, so schedule with them and determine how much time you’ll dedicate to that part of the move. What needs to be accomplished before you leave? Any last appointments? Write it all down!

Organize Your Belongings

Even if you’re not packing them up quite yet, start organizing things by category so they’ll be easier to put into boxes when the time comes.

person packing up and labelling boxes for out of state move

3 Months Until You Move

Moving Supplies, Early Packing, Employment

Buy Moving Supplies

As your out-of-state move inches closer, now is the time to start buying whatever moving supplies you need. For example, if you hire labor-only movers and will be packing yourself, you’ll need to supply things like boxes, tape, and moving blankets. You might also want to invest in reusable storage bins that make organizing easy. We recommend labeling all of your belongings!

Start Packing

Yes, you’re not moving for a couple of months. But you’re moving all your belongings. It will take a lot of stress off your shoulders if you make the packing process a gradual one! Start packing up things you won’t need or use before your move, so you have less on your plate when the time comes.

Confirm a Job

Planning is key, and if you’re able, securing vital things like employment as soon as possible will be a relief. By now, you’ve analyzed the job market, so it’s time to lock in your new employment before you move out of state in 6 months! If you haven’t already, start interviewing and putting yourself out there, and secure opportunities in your new state so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you arrive.

2 Months Until You Move

Doctors, (More) Packing, Documentation, Address

Visit Doctors Offices

When you move out of state, your healthcare providers won’t follow. Set up new care in your new state, but in the meantime, schedule appointments with any providers you might want to see before you move.

Continue Packing

As I said, gradual packing can help your stress! As you get closer to the actual move according to your moving out of state timeline, determine what items you can go a month without. Pack ‘em up and get ready for the move.

Locate Important Documents

Your driver’s license is the big one in moving out of state, but with any more, you’ll want to keep together documents like your birth certificate, social security card, passport, and so on for convenience and ease of access. Plus, it’s super important to keep track of them during the move.

Change Your Address and Notify Others

The month before you move, it’s time to update your address before moving out of state in 6 months! Be sure to change it on any mailing lists you’re on, and inform any companies that send you mail to forward it to your new address. One of the most important ones is your credit card company and any billing services. You’ll want your mail already going through to your new place by the time you arrive!

1 Month Until You Move

Packing, Overnight Bag, Cars, Personal Information

Packing (Most of It)

At last, the final stretch in your moving out of state timeline! Time to pack, and this time, you’re packing the rest of it. There are numerous guides on packing to help you out here, but the keys are storage optimization and organization.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Or two! When you’re moving across state lines, you might spend a night or two in a hotel. Or, you might be flying in directly, but maybe your new place won’t be set up when you get there – you surely won’t get everything unpacked in a day! That’s why it’s vital to put together an overnight bag with everything you need (clothes, toiletries, etc.) for however long until you’re unpacked.

Ship Your Car

If you’re not driving, now is the time to look into hiring a shipper to move your car. Alternatively, if you’re moving from a suburban area to a big city, you might consider selling it. In either case, get your car sorted out according to your needs.

Update Information

Just like you did with your address earlier, you’ll need to update things such as insurance (especially if you’re renting), cell phone, and bank information. If you’re moving into a house rather than an apartment, you might also have to call and get trash and recycling bins sent to your house – I know that’s not something I considered right off the bat!


Moving out of state in 6 months checklist

This might feel like a lot in 6 months, but the more details you consider before moving out of state, the more you set yourself up for success! Make your own moving out of state timeline with this advice as well as anything else you think you might need, and you’ll be all set. Happy moving!

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