Top 20 Moving Hacks and Tips You Should Know

Top 20 Moving Hacks and Tips You Should Know

Girl packing a pile of books into a big box before moving out of her dorm room.

Whether it be into a new dorm, apartment, or house, we’ve all had to take that exciting step and move into a new place at some point or another. Of course, this can be equally daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing so. But moving doesn’t have to be scary or stressful with the right tools under your belt. To help you make the most of your moving experience, we’ve compiled our 20 best moving tips from planning tips, and packing hacks, to the actual move itself.

Planning to Pack

1. Get familiar with the new space

Get to know the space you’ll be moving into as much as possible! Make sure you know how big it is and what appliances and utilities (if any) are provided. That way, you can be confident when deciding what you can/should bring.

2. Talk to other residents

It’s super helpful to talk to other people who live in the building or neighborhood you’re moving to! There are great ways to do this via social media, especially location-based groups.

3. Know the building/location

Make sure you’re familiar with the larger space and surroundings as well. Is there an elevator, or stairs? Sidewalk? Road access? How easy or difficult would it be to move items in?

4. Know the policies

If you’re renting, many places will have certain rules in place as to what you can and cannot have. Make sure you know them!

5. Talk to your roommates

If you have roommates, be sure to coordinate with them as to what items can be shared between you.

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6. Make a packing checklist

This might seem simple, but it’s so important to have a packing checklist so you can keep track of everything.

7. Get rid of unnecessary things

Ask yourself things like: have I used this item in the last month? Will I need to use it in the next month? Being able to get rid of unneeded items can save a lot of space and time.

Packing Tips

8. Bring an overnight bag

Put everything you’ll need for your first night home in a bag you’ll have easy access to. This could include clothes, food, toiletries, and maybe even an air mattress. This minimizes the stress of having to find it all when you get there.

9. Have a strategic packing order

Pay close attention to the order you pack things. For example, if you think you’ll need to use an item sooner rather than later, make sure you pack it last or close to last so you’ll have easy access to it.

10. Don’t fold clothes, roll them

When you pack your clothes, rolling them up instead of folding them is a great hack to save space.

11. Buy deconstructable furniture

Moving bulky, heavy furniture is never fun. If you’re looking for furniture, look at deconstructable models from places like Ikea first. These save packing space, and are easier to move!

12. Buy organized storage bins

You don’t need to pack everything into bins, but having a few you can hold on to makes for easy transportation and storage. There are also great bin organizers that allow you to divide these into sections.

13. Get free boxes

As I said, you don’t need bins for everything! Many retailers are more than willing to give you old cardboard boxes for free, so check in with your local stores for some boxes.

14. Put small things in big things

Here’s another moving tip for packing- utensils can fit in pots and pans, clothes can fit in drawers, jewelry can fit in Tupperware, etc., etc. Make the most of your space by leaving no container unfilled!

15. Organize

Some people like color coding while others opt for labels, so find an organizational method that works for you. Apply it to your packing so you can quickly identify the contents of each box.

16. Make a list of valuable items

Keep close track of everything expensive, breakable, or important to you with a list.

17. Be aware of special packing requirements

On that note, some items, like art pieces, require special boxes or packaging. Some larger items might even need a moving blanket, and furniture in itself can be tricky. Look into this ahead of time!

Moving Day Hacks

 18. Shop when you get there

Make a shopping list of things you don’t plan to pack and would rather purchase new when you arrive.

 19. Rent equipment

Know if you have to rent or borrow equipment like dollies or carts ahead of time, or if you’ll have to hire a moving service. If you’re in a dorm or apartment, many offices will have them available.

 20. Plan your unpacking

Lastly, make a plan to unpack. This way, it seems way less overwhelming and you can get it done more efficiently.


Moving can be a lot of work, but we hope these tips and hacks come in handy for your next adventure. Remember: with enough planning and preparedness, even the biggest milestones can be stress-free. Good luck!

Samantha attends the University of Northern Colorado as a double major in English and Theatre with minors in Writing and Japanese. In her free time she enjoys creative writing, art, and making music.