How to pack dishes without using newspaper

How to pack dishes without using newspaper

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Packing delicate dishes can be a handful on its own, but doing it without newspaper can be pure madness! Especially if you don’t have bubble wrap to pack those fragile items. But, fret not! In this article, I’ll give you tips and tricks to avoid chips and breaks by using fantastic alternatives.

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Where to get packing paper

If you’re like most youth, you probably won’t have newspapers lying around your home. Don’t feel bad; not many people do nowadays. But, what could be a more fabulous alternative? That would be packing paper, of course!

Packing paper is what you see in most shipping boxes and craft shows. They are number one in the industry if you need to pack fragile items or dishes. Packing paper will be located at Home Depot, Walmart, U-Haul, and almost any store you can think of, but be wary dear mover! Prices can drastically vary from $6-$90.

“That’s good and all, but how do I pack it?!” Well, once you acquire your new packing paper, it’s all about the size of what you need to wrap. For example, if you have a cup or mug, tear enough to cover it entirely around your glass, then stuff more paper inside. For plates, cut the appropriate amount and wrap it completely. It will also help if you tape the paper close. You don’t want them slipping out when you move.

How to pack dishes with pillowcases, sheets, and towels

How can you pack fragile items without bubble wrap? You use nature’s bubble wrap, of course!

A perfect way to save money for your move is to use what you already have! For example, to use pillowcases, place your glass item in the fabric and wrap it. Since they’re meant to cover fluffy pillows, they’ll act as a small buffer between other glasses.

Sheets can be used the same way, and since they’re larger, you might be able to pack more in them. Depending on how long your sheet is, you can effortlessly wrap two of your dishes in them and still have a cushion to act as a buffer. Of course, they can also work as just buffers. Simply place your sheets between your already wrapped dishes to add even more protection to your move!

Towels are often thicker, meaning they have more padding. Wrap your dishes in your towel to ensure a crack-free move, or set them in between as the ultimate buffer. Towels can also be the perfect bedding for your box. Place the towel at the bottom and spread it to each corner. You can never have enough cushion!

How to pack fragile items with t-shirts and … socks?

T-shirts are another fantastic way to pack your dishes with. Just lay your shirt flat and wrap your item. Though you’ll only be able to cover one, please keep in mind that they won’t have a solid buffer to protect against other objects.

Still shocked about socks? Socks are best used for wrapping cups and glasses, but ensure your socks are clean before you start! First, open your sock and slide the glass inside. Once in, wrap the stems around the end of your cup and fold them inside the glass. Finally, stuff the rest of the sock inside the glass, just like with the packing paper. And there you have it, a whole new way to save money on packing fragile items!

Got any plastic bags?

Spare plastic bags from your grocery shopping runs can save you if you’re in a pinch. Open the bag, place your item in, and completely wrap it so the opening won’t easily become undone. Word of caution! Though plastic bags can hold your fragile dishes, they don’t make the best buffers. So make sure that something goes between it to ensure no chips or breaks.

Now they’re all ready for the move!

In an age where news phases out of print and where stuff gets more expensive by the day, don’t let it dampen your move. Speaking of moving, have you ever wondered what is needed to move an in-home gym? Check out our guide on how to get it done without injury on our stupendous UniMovers blog.

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